RDS Down Certification.

From this time on (May 2016) all the down used in Nunatak products adhere to the ethically advanced Responsible Down Standard. See this third party site for more info.

We have used up our old supply of non-RDS certified 800 and 900 fill power down. Only RDS-certified goose down are used in any product ordered from now on, whether specified with Hyper-Dry or pure down. 

There is no discernible difference in the quality between the old 'dirty' down and the trendy new stuff. We have also not seen a need to increase prices as a result of this change.

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Insulated Down Equipment for Trail Dogs!


We love backpacking with our dogs. We’re also pretty good at making quality down equipment. It’s time to combine the two.

Short haired active dogs are ideal companions for the trail. They run cooler with more energy and don’t get as messy. But they also have a challenging time staying warm in camp after exploring all day. 

Nunatak wants to address this issue from an ultralight perspective.

We are aiming at two products: a coat for hanging out and an insulated bivy for the night.

The coat will be of the highest quality: 900 fill power dry treated goose down in a fully baffled ultralight construction. The weight for a 40 lbs dog is around 100 grams.

The bivy needs to be self-tending. In other words, the dog must be able to get up, turn and lie down again, all while remaining covered by an ample layer of insulation. The aim is to avoid the frustration of carefully covering the dog, just to find her shivering on top of the insulation in the morning. This project is still in beta.

Initial design of the coat is complete. For more extensive sizing related testing we will be offering the coat at a significant discount in exchange for trail feedback. 

Please contact us directly, with an image of your dog and proposed trail use: info@nunatakusa

Epic Fabric.


Pictured are two quilts featuring orange Epic shells. The one on the left is a 25° Arc, the right one a 5° Arc.

Our Epic shell fabric is produced with a silicone encapsulated polyester yarn for excellent moisture repellency. 

While adding some weight and bulk compared to our lightest fabrics, the 1.7 ounce per square yard Epic is a very good choice for demanding use in wet climes. 

Epic is by far our toughest and most moisture resistant shell material. The Fabric Page

Arc Lite 20° Quilt.

The new Arc Lite quilt is a lower priced alternative to our Premium quilts. We only produce these with a 20° temperature rating and offer limited size and fabric options. With this simplified set of options the Arc Lite is aimed at faster delivery times.

Started at $240 the Arc Lite is competitively priced. This is made possible in part by using 800 fill power goose down, as opposed to the 900 FP down used in our Premium quilts.

Production has started, and besides fulfilling orders already placed, we hope to keep these quilts in stock for immediate shipment in the near future. This is a lofty claim in this business, and we'll see if it works out. Therefore, current turn around is right under 3 weeks. 

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Nunatak Gear is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of quality ultralight gear utilizing 900FP+ goose down and sophisticated shell fabrics.

Nunatak was founded in the winter of 1999. From a basement operation in West Seattle with a bunch of good ideas and little else, we are now a full time business run by seasoned backcountry folks located in Moab, Utah.

Nunatak is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Everything we make is backed by our support and warranty.