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Nunatak Gear is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of quality ultralight gear utilizing 900FP+ goose down and sophisticated shell fabrics.

Nunatak was founded in the winter of 1999. From a basement operation in West Seattle with a bunch of good ideas and little else, we are now a full time business run by seasoned backcountry folks located in Moab, Utah.

Nunatak is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Everything we make is backed by our support and warranty.

Latest News

Overfill for Quilts and Bags; What is it? 2019-01-11 07:17:19

Overfill for Quilts and Bags; What is it?

The notion ‘overfill’ refers to a base quantity of down receiving a request for extra fill. This base value, prior to overfill, is the minimum down amount a cottage manufacturer deemed necessary to ensure comfort or survival at the stated temperature rating. The consumers trust in this rating can influence decisions about overfill.

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Straps, Pads and how they interface with the Quilt. 2018-10-14 10:43:12

Straps, Pads and how they interface with the Quilt.

A backcountry quilt is an open bottom comforter style sleeping bag. We offer various methods to help seal this opening when temperatures drop.

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Nunatak Jackets with Synthetic Insulation 2017-09-28 09:04:55

Nunatak Jackets with Synthetic Insulation

Apex by Climashield is a continuous fiber synthetic insulator replacing down in some of our jackets. It performs better in moist conditions and is not as affected by sweat compared to the extreme hydroscopic nature of down. Apex is durable, with a long usable life and good recovery from repeated compression cycles. We have two lines of custom Apex insulated jackets (aka puffies): the original Skaha and the superlight JMT Jacket. While...

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Choosing the right Down Quilt 2017-07-31 19:55:54

Choosing the right Down Quilt

Nunatak has 2 principal lines of backcountry down quilts: The Arc UL and the 3D Quilt. In short the Arc UL is lighter and firmly rooted in the classic quilt idiom. The 3D Quilt is built like a cross over quilt/mummy bag with every detail optimized to provide the warmest option for shoulder season or consistent cold weather use.

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