Quilt Comparison Chart

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Nunatak Quilt Comparison Chart

Thoughts on the practical application of UL gear

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Ultralight backpacking - a moniker defining, among other things, the upper weight limit of one's base equipment (everything carried minus food and water). As an example, some sources state a UL kit must be below 10 lbs.

Backpacking Route Project: Moab West Side Monster Loop

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For a while now I have toyed with the idea of a really big cross country loop starting and ending in or near Moab (where Nunatak HQ is located!). With inspiration from many shorter trips over the years, confirming water sources and sketchy passages, the pieces are now starting to fall in place. However there's still 'blank' spots on my map.

Nunatak Products Divided Into Performance Categories

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Customizing a Nunatak product to one's specific needs start with a simple choice of one of the performance categories. This article will briefly explain what this means.

Advanced Desert Travel, and Water Issues.

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Backcountry travel in the desert presents one with the unique, but serious issue of available water. Whether backpacking, ultra running or bikepacking the need to have adequate water to survive is ever-present.
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