Nunatak Products Divided Into Performance Categories

Nunatak Products Divided Into Performance Categories

Customizing a Nunatak product to one's specific needs start with a simple choice of one of the performance categories. This article will briefly explain what this means.

Nunatak specializes in ultralight equipment. But the ultralight philosophy, originally pioneered by Ray Jardine, has evolved greatly over these last few decades with many new ideas and materials. It has also become a tad more mainstream. This has fostered a subtle division, inspiring experienced users towards ever lighter set-ups and relegating what used to be cutting edge to 'entry level' status.

Here's how Nunatak interprets the equipment based hierarchy of 'UltraLight':

SUL, aka Super UltraLight

This realm is out on the edge of the sport, and in our line-up include only a few highly esoteric products. The user looking here knows what to expect.

UL, aka UltraLight

UL is a more towards the middle than SUL, however getting the most out of this group takes a little experience. The materials used are so light that durability inevitably suffers. Some design details are unabashedly focused on weight savings, almost to the point of diminishing utility. These products are distilled into clean lines, beauty of design and incredibly high warmth to weight ratio.


Nunatak's most popular category, this wide ranging set of items effectively balances solid materials, trail longevity and ease of use with respectable lightweight specs and very compressible packed bulk. Features and sizing remain highly customizable.


In Nunatak's gear world, Pro refers to added weather protection. With the Pro Series we use extraordinarily light fabrics of great technical acumen to safeguard the precious down fill from adverse conditions. The Pro pieces barely suffers any weight penalty, however are more expensive. If wet, nasty weather, with driving rain and high humidity is your plight - look no further!



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      swayne walther
      May 13, 2018

      Hi, I assume that the Pro is not as durable as the Classic?Thank you!

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