Straps, Pads and how they interface with the Quilt.

Straps, Pads and how they interface with the Quilt.

Straps, Cords and Pads;

and how they interface

with the Quilt.

A backcountry quilt is an open bottom comforter style sleeping bag.

We offer various methods to help seal this opening when temperatures drop.

Except the neck closures, all these are optional features that can be omitted for weight savings and a desire for simplicity. 

Always use a sleeping bag or quilt with an adequate ground pad

Number one are the neck closures (yellow graphics above)

A transverse cord is used to cinch the quilt's top edge down either around the user's neck or near the head. In combination with our Draft Collar this seals the top opening when needed.

Number two is the Edge Tension Control or ETC (blue graphics)

This low profile system can supplant the use of straps down to near the limit rating, thus limiting tangling and complex rigging.

It is a user adjustable concept that easily adapts the quilt from the warmest nights and down.

As seen on the illustration below, the edges are tensioned around the user only, not around the sleeping pad too. 

The ETC is available on the Arc UL and SULO

Number three is one of two strap systems to supplement the ETC (red graphics)

The UL Straps are the simplest, consisting of two shock cords running under the user's body to tighten the quilt up when it gets cold. Again, these are not designed to pass under the sleeping pad, whether an inflatable or foam mattress.

Four micro cord locks (4g total) and the shock cords (11g) are all easily removed, replaced or shortened.

The Standard Straps are the only ones to incorporate the sleeping pad. Supplied with this option is a Simple Strap passing under the user's body only, and a Pad Attach Strap that anchors the quilt to the sleeping pad via two sliding points.

The Simple Strap and the Pad Attach Strap can be interchanged front and rear. Additional parts are available for purchase if you want to tinker further.

Standard Straps are made up of  ¾" stretchy and solid webbing and flat, unobtrusive plastic buckles. On the quilt edges are the four female buckles (5g total). These cannot be removed. The straps themselves (20g) have the male component, and are removable or can be trimmed if needed. The supplied length will accommodate pads up to 26" wide.

It is not recommended to loop any straps or cords under a sleeping pad, except our Pad Attach Strap. Doing this will drag delicate quilt edges down onto hard surfaces and will dramatically decrease the life. Also, doing so can entrap too much air volume inside the quilt, making it under-perform at colder temperatures.

Additionally, we strongly discourage trying to insert any part of a sleeping pad into the  semi-closed foot box area of our quilts. Again, doing so will greatly accelerate the wear of the shell fabric, and cause the quilt to under perform in various ways.

Tl;dr - do not try to strap the quilt to a pad, unless using the Pad Attach Strap.

The total weight of our quilts, as shown on the product pages, include only the sewn-on components of either the UL Straps or Standard Straps. Removable webbing/cords are not included in weight.