20° Dual Arc UL Couples Quilt

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The perfect couples bag, solving the age old quandary of individual temperature regulation. Dozens of custom options available in the configuration section at the bottom of the page.

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Custom item. Multi week lead time.

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The light and compact Arc Concept is here expanded to create the perfect ultralight two person sleeping quilt. 

A common problem with having two bodies in one bag is the different sleeping temperatures often desired, resulting in one person either overheating (most common) or being too cool. Traditional converted mummy bags are notorious for this dilemma because of their inability to vent properly without affecting the other person. Often they get no more than one or two uses before it is decided to return to separate bags.

The Dual Arc UL elegantly solves this problem. The quilt is inherently easy to vent and in the Dual you reap the full benefits of this when sharing the cover with your partner. Simply open or close your side using the adjustable straps, without affecting your neighbor. In addition it is very simple to redistribute part of the down fill over on top of the colder sleeper and so fully customizing the comfort zones. 

The loft is 2.5" of baffled construction, generously filled with the highest quality 900FP down. 


Besides the length, there's a choice of two widths. The standard 78" is the backpacker's version: good coverage, nothing excessive, and geared towards function and low weight/bulk.

Increasing the width to 88", especially in combination with an additional upgrade to the massive 30" wide footbox, makes for a truly sprawling cover, perhaps best suited for RV use or basecamp style backpacking. 


We offer a variety of shell and liner fabrics enabling you to customize the quilt. This is an overview of the choices.

A popular custom option is to substitute the lower third of the shell with Epic, a durable weatherproof membrane. 

The Dual Arc can also be sewn with a 2" transverse differential cut. This option creates a liner slightly smaller than the shell, aiding in maintaining loft.

To fill the cavity at the top between the two occupants, the Dual can be outfitted with an optional removable Anti-Draft Pillow, as shown on the images below.

Down Overfill

Additional down (overfill) is also available. Why this? The way campers respond to cold varies from person to person. Our 20° rating will feel adequate to most, too warm to some and not warm enough for a few. If you know you sleep cold, or are concerned about environmental influx specific to your use, consider adding down.

Quilt Straps

The Dual Arc UL is outfitted with a quilt strap system like all our other quilts, but adjusted to work with the 2 person conundrum.

The length of the pad attachment strap allows you to use two fair sized pads, each of maximum width of 28". A special buckle holds the strap in place in the middle between the two pads. 

The top edge of the Dual has an additional retainer strap to facilitate easy exit and temperature control, individually side to side.

For more on the straps and their use, please see this page

What's in the box?

The quilt, a set of quilt straps, a silnylon stuffsack and a large breathable storage sack.

In the images below the green Dual is a size medium made 0.8 oz/yd Quantum and features the draft pillow. The black Dual is out of Epic shell material, a size large with differential cut liner and the huge 30" footbox, essentially creating two individual, semi-shared sleeping spaces! Both are in the standard 78" shoulder width.

Temperature Rating20°F / -7°C
Baffle height2.5"
Inside length63" - 68" - 73" - 78" - 83"
Shoulder width options78" - 88"
Foot Area Width20" - 30"
Differentially cut liner/shellOptional, see selections below
Fill Weight, size Medium22.4 oz
Total weight, Size 73", 78" wide, 20" foot, lightest fabrics32.8 0z

Custom made quilts are the way to go

I spent my teenage years hiking & camping almost every weekend, in winter & summer, from days to weeks at a time. Loved it.

After a 15+ year hiatus, I decided I wanted my wife & kids to experience life outside the concrete jungle and try camping. I found a lot of great gear in my local camping stores, but innovation in sleeping bags didn’t seem to have come a long way in since the late 90’s. So, I got online to see what other people were using for a sleeping setup these days. That’s where I found ultralight quilts, which seemed to be the answer to warm lightweight sleeping gear I was looking for. There seemed to be a few companies out there making good ultralight quilts with some innovative ideas, but it didn’t take too much more research to find that the ‘top pick’ for experienced campers and hikers seeking high quality ultralight bags and quilts was Nunatak.

After looking at all the quilt and bag options available in the market, I reached out to Nunatak for guidance on having a custom made quilt to suit my & my wife needs. Jan was quick to respond and provided some great feedback, which made the decision making process much easier. Ultimately, I ordered a custom 20° Dual Arc Couples Quilt (now known as the Arc Element Couples Quilt) with:
• Epic Black shell to protect from the elements, kids toys, and for longevity,
• Taffeta Black liner with 2inch differentially cut liner for improved warmth and longevity,
• A 30inch wide footbox for extra ‘wriggle room’, and
• 900FP Goose Down with 1oz overfill to compensate for the more ‘open’ footbox,

I’ve used this bag several times for base camping now and could not be happier. It’s incredibly warm, well built, spacious and comfortable. I chose the Epic fabric for my quilt shell, which I know adds weight and bulk compared to the Pertex fabric, but it’s still far lighter than the single sleeping bags I used to carry around and (I’m guessing) will still be less bulky than carrying 2 sleeping bags. I haven’t had to carry it while hiking overnight yet – it’s too early to get my kids into overnight hiking right now – but I know it’ll serve me & my wife well when that time comes.

If I were asked by a friend or colleague to recommend outdoors sleeping gear, I would recommend Nunatak without hesitation.

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    20° Dual Arc UL Couples Quilt

    20° Dual Arc UL Couples Quilt

    The perfect couples bag, solving the age old quandary of individual temperature regulation. Dozens of custom options available in the configuration section at the bottom of the page.

    Product Options
    Inside Length
    To determine the correct length please refer to the measurements in the chart.
    Foot Box Width
    Shell Fabric

    Please see our Fabric Page for help choosing the right shell material

    Liner Fabric
    10d Black Taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
    20d Black Taffeta - Durable
    Down Type
    Choosing Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down will help combat the effects of perspiration, misting tents and damp air. Nunatak products made with Hyper-Dry down will have a slight increase in bulk over those made with regular down. A 5% increase in fill weight also occur.
    900 Fill Power Goose Down, RDS Certified
    900 Fill Power Goose Down, Hyper-Dry, RDS Certified
    Down Overfill
    Cold sleeper? Consider adding a few ounces of extra fluff.
    Weather Resistant Foot Area Upgrade
    This substitutes the shell fabric on the lower third of the quilt with hard wearing weatherproof Epic material. Epic will also be applied across the top and down 3". Those are the two areas of most wear and exposure, thus greatly prolonging the life of the quilt.
    The upgrade adds about 1 ½ oz depending on size.
    2" Differential Cut
    Anti Draft Pillow