20° Dual Arc Lite

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Simpler, minimally featured couples quilt for less money.

Featuring premium 850 fill power goose down in regular and Hyper-Dry

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A common problem with having two bodies in one bag is the different sleeping temperatures often desired, resulting in one person either overheating (most common) or being too cool. Traditional converted mummy bags are notorious for this dilemma because of their inability to vent properly without affecting the other person. Often they get no more than one or two uses before it is decided to return to separate bags.

The Dual Arc Lite elegantly solves this problem. The quilt is inherently easy to vent and in the Dual you reap the full benefits of this when sharing the cover with your partner. Simply open or close your side using the adjustable straps, without affecting your neighbor. In addition it is very simple to redistribute part of the down fill over on top of the colder sleeper and so fully customizing the comfort zones. 

The Dual Arc Lite does the job. It's a box baffled 20° quilt with a closed traditional footbox, a draw cord at the top hem and a set of straps to pass under the bodies. 

The down is white goose down coupled with quality fabrics.  We sew these with the same attention to detail as all our products.

What makes it so much less expensive? This:

Fewer fit options. 6 lengths in 5" increments and one width. That's all.

The down fill is rated at 850 FP. While significantly less rare to obtain than the 900 variety in the rest of the Nunatak line, it is nonetheless a viable option for ultralight equipment. A few years back 850 fill was the bomb diggity!

For the Dual Arc Lite we offer the fill in either regular quality or with a Hyper-Dry moisture resistant treatment.

Simple design. Featured is a rolled cord channel at the top neck closure. This way of incorporating the cord closure is slightly less draft resistant than the custom Nunatak quilts with their sophisticated design.

No differentially cut shell/liner relationship. Time consuming to lay out and hard to sew, this feature of all our 20° and below premium quilts is not available on the Dual Arc Lite.

One shell fabric in three colors: blue, red and purple ripstop nylon, weighing 1 ounce per square yard. A tried and tested material with good qualities, it is however, not the venerable Pertex brand Quantum of the higher end quilts. Nor is Epic moisture resistant shells an option for the Arc Lite.

Down Overfill

Additional down (overfill) is available. Why this? The way campers respond to cold varies from person to person. Our 20° rating will feel adequate to most, too warm to some and not warm enough for a few. If you know you sleep cold, or are concerned about environmental influx specific to your use, consider adding down.

Quilt Straps

The Dual Arc Lite is outfitted with a quilt strap system like all our other quilts, but adjusted to work with the 2 person conundrum.

The length of the pad attachment strap allow you to use two fair sized pads, each of maximum width of 28". A special buckle holds the strap in place in the middle between the two pads. 

The top edge of the Dual has an additional retainer strap that allow easy exit and control, individually side to side.

For more on the straps and their use, please see this page

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20° Dual Arc Lite

20° Dual Arc Lite

Simpler, minimally featured couples quilt for less money.

Featuring premium 850 fill power goose down in regular and Hyper-Dry