20° Arc Lite

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Simpler, minimally featured quilt for less money. And available faster!

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The Arc Lite does the job. It's a box baffled 20° quilt with a closed traditional footbox, a draw cord at the top hem and a set of straps to pass under the body. The down is 800 fill power white goose down coupled with quality fabrics.  We sew these with the same attention to detail as all our products.

What makes the Arc Lite less expensive? 

No custom fit options. 6 lengths in 5" increments and one width. That's all.

The down fill is rated at 800 FP. While significantly less rare to obtain than the 900 variety in the rest of the Nunatak line, it is nonetheless a viable option for ultralight equipment. A few years back 800 fill was the bomb diggity!

Featured is a rolled cord channel at the top neck closure, first seen on the original Arc Alpinist for those who remember that classic Nunatak product. This way of incorporating the cord closure is slightly less draft resistant than the custom Nunatak quilts with their sophisticated design.

No differentially cut shell/liner relationship. Time consuming to lay out and hard to sew, this feature of all our 20° and below premium quilts is not available on the Arc Lite.

Two shell fabric choices: blue and red 1.0 oz/yd HYPER-D ripstop. A tried and tested material with good qualities, it is however, not the venerable Pertex brand Quantum of the higher end quilts. Nor is advanced moisture resistant shells an option for the Arc Lite.

Extra fill volume

The fill volume in the Arc Lite is generous. While this makes them slightly heavier than many competitors, there's several good reasons to begin with an overstuffed sleeping bag/quilt.

The number one is the issue of displacing down due to the user tossing and turning during a nights sleep. In extreme cases such shifting can leave bare spots and lower the effectiveness of the quilt. Overstuffed chambers helps to a large degree. Judiciuos fluffing and re-depositing of down is a ritual most experienced users accept, but as the Arc Lite is an attractive first-timers quilt it attempts to eliminate this easy to forget procedure.

With more down than is technically needed to meet the target rating, the Arc Lite is likely warmer than specified. Again, this helps a beginner backpacker who may not be aware of the many little tricks needed to use ultralight equipment to their advantage. 

Finally, like all things, goose down degrade over time, especially if mistreated or cycled through many user days. With overfilled box baffles this future loss of loft is effectively anticipated. 

The down fill weights for all sizes are listed under the tab Data Sheet. 

In the menu options one can choose even more down overfill in one ounce steps.

The stuffed size of a medium is 15" long and a circumference of 20"

NOTE: Select sizes in stock for immidiate shipment:

1 ea Medium BLUE Arc Lite Quilt

2 ea Long BLUE Arc Lite Quilt

1 ea Medium RED Arc Lite Quilt

1 ea Long RED Arc Lite Quilt

Temperature Rating20°F / -7°C
Baffle height2.5"
Inside lengthXS: 63" ....S: 68" ....M: 73" ....L: 78" ....XL: 83" ....XXL: 88"
Shoulder width options55"
Foot Area Circumference38"
Differentially cut liner/shellNo
Fill Weight, XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL13.3 - 14.1 - 15.3 - 16.2 - 17 - 17.9
Total Weight, XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL20.9 - 22.3 - 24 - 25.6 - 26.9 - 28.3

Superbly crafted

You won't get better quality for your dollar here. Expert craftsmanship and great materials make this the best value quilt on the market. Nunatak continues to deliver the best!



    I am very satisfied with the acquisition of Nunatak's sleeping bag.
    It was very warm and lightweight.
    Thanks Jan!!


      Great quality

      Great quality material. The customer service was incredible. Very happy with this product.

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        20° Arc Lite

        20° Arc Lite

        NOTE: Select sizes in stock

        Simpler, minimally featured quilt for less money. And available faster!