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A fully functional cross between an insulated down suit and a custom sleeping bag.

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The key features of the Raku are warm sleeves, a deep hood plus an openable foot box. This creates a fully functional hybrid between an insulated down suit and a 3 season sleeping bag. 

From sitting around the dinner pots to lying under the tarp is merely two steps apart. No more chilly transitions between the cozy bag and mandatory visits to the bathroom. Setting up tent, cooking, doing repair jobs, organizing food and gear, sleeping, all is possible wearing the Raku. Life in camp has forever been elevated to an unheard level of comfort and protection against the elements.

The sleeves on the fully baffled Raku can be pulled inside to create a draft collar for greater warmth while sleeping. Around camp the elastic shock-corded foot opening allows for unparalleled mobility if pulled up to the waist. The two way front zipper allows you to sleep in your climbing harness without un-roping.

Until we do a full weight chart, please contact us regarding fill volume and final weight in your size and chosen materials


I love My Hot Pink Michelin Man Suit!

I never thought I’d be able to sleep warm while backpacking, and I definitely never imagined being able to extend my backpacking season through the winter months! The Raku changed my entire perception of backpacking sleeping systems! I ordered a 0°F Raku with a shell and liner made of 0.66 Membrane (hot pink!) a few winters back, and it has taken me on some amazing Winter and cold Spring adventures in the PNW! I run super cold, but this baby kept me cozy down to -10 with an even colder windchill in 40mph winds on Crater Lake! I am so impressed with the warmth and versality of this bag/apparel piece! If I were to do it again, I would do a more waterproof shell, especially at the feet and around the head to combat condensation or moisture from tent walls. If you move around in your sleep, getting the waterproof or more water resistant material in the liner of the hood might be helpful, too. I sleep with vapor barrier liner clothes, socks, and hat over my baselayers, and wetting out the bag has never been a problem, but whenever I have to share my little tent with someone else, the exterior of the foot box and head get wet from touching the walls of the tent. The area around the face hole (and inside the hood if I roll around) also sometimes gets wet from condensation. Having said all that, the 0.66 Membrane dries SUPER quickly and I’ve never actually had it soak the down to the point of it being unable to dry within a few minutes. I went with the 900 Fill HyperDry down. I definitely recommend that in the winter. The only thing I’d add is pockets, like a kangaroo pocket or side hand pockets, as there have been times around camp when I didn’t want to pull my arms in but also didn’t want to have to put on my big, bulky gloves to keep my hands warm (e.g., while waiting for water to boil). Otherwise, there’s absolutely nothing else I’d change about this for winter camping. Having the versatility of being able to go outside in the middle of the night to use the restroom without having to leave the warmth of the bag is pretty luxurious! Just pull it up above the waist and do your thing! I also cook in the bag, but I do get nervous about spilling food on it, so again, if I were to do it again, I’d probably get a more waterproof shell. Typically I don’t set up my tent wearing this bag because it is VERY puffy and bulky the warmer you go. It’s definitely doable, but I prefer to put it on after I’ve set up my tent. It compresses down quite small for being what it is, though. I’ve been able to get this thing squeezed into a 30L bag with extra small gear. However, I prefer to use it with a 50L bag so that everything else I bring can fit in the bag with it, and I don’t need to compress it down completely and compromise it’s loft while I hike. The bungee systems at the footbox, face hole, and wrists are very strong. The zipper is strong, lightweight, and provides a convenient way of getting in and out of the bag, as well as venting. Pulling in the arms while sleeping makes a HUGE difference in venting and in trapping more warmth inside. It can be difficult during winter to get your base weight down to an “ultralight” status, but this bag has been the key to my success, cutting my weight list down substantially because I don’t need to bring an insulated jack or pants. Depending on the conditions, I wear most of my apparel hiking, so it’s really nice to set up camp, take my hiking shell pants and jacket off, and get in my Raku and be done! Because of this bag, there are very few moments when I am exposed to the cold air. My small Raku 0° with 0.66 membrane shell and liner weighs 38.5 oz, and I am confident that I—someone who runs super cold—can take it down to -15°F with the right combination of gear (e.g., sleeping pad with R value ≥5, VBL clothing, and a 4-season tent or bivy). I am 5’6” and when I ordered the bag I weighed about 130 lbs. I ordered the 26” shoulder width (“snug”), 28” zipper length (“short”), and no overfill. Even with these minimalist features, there is still ample room inside this bag for me. It gives me plenty of room to store extra clothes at the footbox or gear around my shoulders. There’s plenty of room to actually “roll around” inside of it, too. This is really nice for me because I move a lot in my sleep, and I think it prevents some of the down from being compressed by the body, which should hypothetically make you warmer. I will never go back to a quilt system in the winter after using this. Overall, I would highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this bag for anyone looking for multi-use gear, anyone who runs cold, anyone who wants to cut their winter backpacking weight down, or anyone who really digs the the Michelin Man look! ;) I loved this bag so much, I ordered a custom fastpacking synthetic Raku for summer with a waterproof shell, and it’s been awesome! It basically serves as my sleeping bag, my insulated jacket, AND my bivy. And of course, the customer experience with Nunatak has always been superior and professional!


Great bag - a good long coat!

I have been using this bag / long coat for the last year plus .... while forward deployed: Warm (mine is a 3 season) / roomy / utilitarian (you can keep your boots on) and in the morning just stand up ... cook your coffee! Great bag -- well worth the money. Get the Hyperfill if you will be using in for long periods or you are worried about rain ...

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A fully functional cross between an insulated down suit and a custom sleeping bag.

Product Options
Temperature Rating
30°F / 0°C
20°F / -7°C
10°F / -12°C
Shoulder Circumference
The 60" shoulder circumference works for most.
Foot Box Circumference
Zipper Length
Shell Fabric

From ultralight (10/20d) over more durable (40/70d) to advanced weatherproofing (7d) 

Liner Fabric
10d Black Taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
20d Black Taffeta - Durable
Down Type
Choosing Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down will help combat the effects of perspiration, misting tents and damp air. Nunatak products made with Hyper-Dry down will have a slight increase in bulk over those made with regular down. A 5% increase in fill weight also occur.
900 Fill Power Goose Down, RDS Certified
900 Fill Power Goose Down, Hyper-Dry, RDS Certified
Down Overfill
Adding overfill can prolong the life of the down, help maintain loft during moist conditions, boost the temperature rating by a small amount and keep the down volume from shifting. Expect a weight increase ranging from one to six ounces depending on the product, the size and the rating.
Your Measurements
Optional: Fill in the blanks to ensure getting the best fit. No changes will be made to your size selections without approval
Shoe Size 
Stuff Sack
Our stuff sacks are pretty dope, but current weight saving trends in ultralight circles eschews this once crucial item. So, opt out and save $ while also being very current.