Alpinist UL

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The Quilt Killer. Custom 28° all-out ultralight mummy. 

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Pay via Credit Card or Paypal Account

NOTICE: The Alpinist is being phased out, and replaced with the 3D Quilt.

We feel the 3D integrates better with the modern ultralight backpacker searching for an efficient balance between traditional mummy bags vs blanket style quilts.

For the time being the Alpinist will still be available on a custom basis - please contact us.

The UL (ultralight) version of the Alpinist, here offered as a 28° high mountain summer sleeping bag. This is the thruhike setup for those finding limitations with backcountry quilt usage: eliminate the drafts, no straps to get tangled in, convenient head coverage without a full burrow or down balaclava.

22.4 oz in size medium for an all around wrap of lofty down with the unique center zip that allow sitting chores with your back and head covered.

Only the lightest fabrics and materials are applied to the Alpinist UL. 

The down fill is carefully calculated and graduated to provide maximum insulation where it matters. 

Extensive custom options allow case by case sizing and/or further weight savings.

Optional weather proof shell in full or partial coverage.



Absolutely love this bag!

I have used my Alpinist for a full season now and I am as much in love with it today as I was when I first got it. It has handled everything I have thrown at it and I have found it to be exactly true to rating even in humid conditions. The center zip is a dream and I very rarely have any snagging issues. The long fits me perfect at 6'2". The build quality, customer service and performance add up to make this, in my opinion, the best ultralight mummy bag on the market.

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Alpinist UL

Alpinist UL

The Quilt Killer. Custom 28° all-out ultralight mummy. 

Product Options
Temperature Rating
28°F - minus 2°C
Shoulder Circumference
The 60" shoulder circumference works for most.
Foot Box Circumference
Zipper Length
Liner Fabric
10d Black Taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
Down Type
Choosing Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down will help combat the effects of perspiration, misting tents and damp air. Nunatak products made with Hyper-Dry down will have a slight increase in bulk over those made with regular down. A 5% increase in fill weight also occur.
Untreated Goose Down, 900FP, RDS Certified
HyperDry Goose Down, 900FP, RDS Certified
Down Overfill
Adding overfill can prolong the life of the down, help maintain loft during moist conditions, boost the temperature rating by a small amount and keep the down volume from shifting. Expect a weight increase ranging from one to six ounces depending on the product, the size and the rating.
No Overfill
Overfill focused on foot section
Overfill focused on torso section
Overfill evenly distributed throughout
Plus quantity overfill evenly distributed
Draft Tubes Along Zipper
De-selecting draft tubes saves up to 40 grams depending on zipper length.
No Thanks!
Dual Draft Tubes Along Zipper
Stuff Sack
Our stuff sacks are pretty dope, but current weight saving trends in ultralight circles eschews this once crucial item. So, opt out and save $ while also being very current.
Yes, please include a stuff sack
No stuff sack