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Synthetic insulated lightweight center zip mummy bag geared towards climbers and backcountry hunters.  

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With Climashield Apex insulation the Alpinist center zip mummy excels in situations where goose down require too much care and attention. The rugged Apex fill is compressible, durable and warm; combined with the utility of the center zip the Alpinist Apex is a must for open bivys, prolonged sitting in exposed places, cooking or performing other tasks while recovering and general wet and damp backpacking.

The center front zipper location gives you full use of both arms while still having head and back snug in the sleeping bag.

Torso ventilation is simple and effective; while the lower section can have enhanced airflow by selecting the optional openable footbox. 

A Multitude of Stock Options

The Nunatak Alpinist is likely one of the more customizable mummy bags on the market. Using the many options in the configuration menu below, one can create the perfect fit either for body size, special applications or desires. 


We offer 6 overall lengths, from extra small to double extra long. 

4 different shoulder width options with corresponding increases in interior volume. The size choices carry on into the hood and hip area: for example an extra wide bag will also have a bigger hood and a roomier lower middle section. The standard 30" width is well sized for most individuals. If your desire is an extra roomy feel, choose 35", and for the very few needing the outmost in sprawl there's a 40" option. Be aware that a large interior volume requires a more energy to keep warm. 

The footbox circumference can also be individually sized, independent of length and width. Here the standard is the 40" circumference. For folks with small feet a 36" footbox will be warmer, and, off course, the big guys might consider the 44".

If your needs are not met by the easily configured options presented in the menu below, we also have unlimited custom adjustments available. Please call or email.


For the Alpinist Apex we have literally a staggering amount of shell fabric choices. Please consult the Fabric Info page for detailed description. Basically there's 3 distinct groups:

*The UL (UltraLight) shells in 10 or 20 denier count.

*The more rugged shells in 40 or 70d.

*An advanced waterproof/breathable super ultralight shell with a base fabric of only 7d. Take note that a significant increase in final cost is associated with this. 


The 25°F in the lightest materials and size medium with the standard 30" width and 40" sewn foot is 900g - 32ounces.




The design details in this bag are literally brilliant. There is a double draft tube that ingeniously closes on itself to efficiently seal the zipper. The way it is designed, it is virtually impossible to jam the zipper on the fabric. Also, there is no quilting here, the insulation is sewn in at the edges only, therefore the insulation can loft to it's fullest. I will report on how the bag performs in the field, but I expect the 10 oz Apex to easily keep me comfortable down to the conservative 15 degree rating.

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Alpinist Apex

Alpinist Apex

Synthetic insulated lightweight center zip mummy bag geared towards climbers and backcountry hunters.  

Product Options
35°F / 2°C
25°F / -4°C
15°F / -10°C
Shoulder Circumference
The 60" shoulder circumference works for most.
Foot Box Circumference
Footbox Style
The sewn footbox is light, snug, warm and permanently closed. Simple and foolproof.

The venting footbox quickly converts from airy open to closed cold weather comfort.
Round bottom traditional sewn footbox
Venting closed/open style footbox
Zipper Length
Shell Fabric

From ultralight (10/20d) over more durable (40/70d) to advanced weatherproofing (7d) 

Liner Fabric
10d Black Taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
20d Black Taffeta - Durable
Stuff Sack
Our stuff sacks are pretty dope, but current weight saving trends in ultralight circles eschews this once crucial item. So, opt out and save $ while also being very current.