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The Alpinist is Nunatak's  center zip mummy bag. 

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Unavailable due to long lead times

With the Alpinist we sought to rework the traditional mummy into a sleeping bag we feel is more useful.

We moved the zipper from the side to a center front location. This gives you full use of both arms while still having head and back snug in the sleeping bag, a must when performing sitting camp tasks in less than ideal conditions.

This unique center zip provides more effective torso ventilation, but can also seal up very effectively via the double draft tube backing.

When side sleeping the zipper typically ends up slightly in front, down from the shoulder a bit. Whether it is open for venting or snugged up, this is an ideal location. From here the zipper is conveniently controlled without contortions, and the dreaded back side cold spot from traditional zipper placement on the side hem, is completely eliminated. In fact, side sleeping is almost where the center zip placement is at its best.

Remaking the traditional head opening into the Alpinist/Raku style hood is the natural follow-up to the zipper relocation and is very effective at keeping you warm with less material. When using the Alpinist in warmer conditions, pulling out the head and shoulders from the hood and lying on top is simple. It is easy to do a non-shifting pillow arrangement inside the hood.

The Alpinist is built with a differential cut, a feature that greatly increases the efficiency of a given fill volume.

A Multitude of Stock Options

The Nunatak Alpinist is likely one of the more customizable mummy bags on the market. Using the many options in the configuration menu below, one can create the perfect fit either for body size, special applications or desires. 


We offer 6 overall lengths, from extra small to double extra long. 

4 different shoulder circumference options with corresponding increases in interior volume. The size choices carry on into the hood and hip area: for example an extra wide bag will also have a bigger hood and a roomier lower middle section. The standard 60" circumference is well sized for most individuals. If your desire is an extra roomy feel, choose 68", and for the very few needing the outmost in sprawl there's a 76" option. Be aware that a large interior volume requires a more energy to keep warm. 

The footbox circumference can also be individually sized, independent of length and width. Here the standard is the 40" circumference. For folks with small feet a 36" footbox will be warmer, and, off course, the big guys might consider the 44". Take note that the 68" and 76" shoulder sizes works best with the 44" footbox.

If your needs are not met by the easily configured options presented in the menu below, we also have unlimited custom adjustments available. Please call or email.

Shell Material

For the Alpinist we have literally a staggering amount of shell fabric choices. Please consult the Fabric Info page for detailed description. Basically there's 3 distinct groups:

*The UL (UltraLight) shells in 10 denier count.

*The standard shells in 15d.

*Two 40d options for more rugged use. Adds significant weight and bulk over the 10 and 15d options.

Warmer options?

Adding overfill via the menu below can boost the Alpinist a few degrees. However sometimes considerable more warmth is needed. For this we recommend layering with the Nova Insulated Bivy, an option with many advantages beyond simply getting a capable setup down to -10°F.



Fantastic 3-Bag System

I purchased one of your QUILT + SLEEPING BAG systems, and it's been working great for the past three years! I have an Alpinist Mummy (15º), an Arc UL (30º) and a 3D Apex (42º) system. The Alpinist and Arc UL were sized to fit within a larger 3D Apex system. This has proven to be very versatile, and has worked quite well at colder temperatures. The outer 3D Apex is especially good for dissipating moisture at colder temps. I also have a down balaclava which I use when the temperature drops below 20º.


Sleeping Bag Endgame

I absolutely love this bag! Sleeping bag endgame achieved...finally!

The bag came in a substantial nylon laundry sack. This is way nicer than the cotton one that comes with EE quilts and REI bags. Additionally a silnylon stuff sack was included which is also very nice quality. The dark blue shell fabric looks amazing in person. Deep, steel dark blue. The build quality is absolutely perfect. I looked over this quilt a dozen times. Every stitch is balanced and straight (no small feat for .66 membrane). The tapered top baffles are brilliant keeping the down not only on top of you but up towards your torso. The zipper has thicker (what looks like ripstop) material on the draft collars so that it does not snag (and it works). The zipper is one of those reversible pulls so that you can unzip/zip from your hand insize which is nice. Also because it rotates, you can get it out of your face when zipped up.

The sizing is perfect. I am 6’2” with a slightly broad build. The standard shoulder width was the only thing that I was a bit worried about. But, there was no way to achieve the targeted weight with a wider shoulder size. I went for it and I am glad I did. The width is perfect. It doesn't feel tight at all. My arms can rest at my sides and I am not compressing down at my shoulders. The length is perfect as well. It feels like there is more extra room than just 1” as the specs would suggest and is not tight at all. The foot box is THE BEST I have ever used. I can cross my legs (well know what I mean) and I am not compressing down at all. It feels roomy but not overly so. Super cozy!

An unexpected benefit of this bag is slippery. The .66 membrane shell is slick on my NeoAir X-lite. Because of this, turning in the night is incredibly simple. And, because of the cut of the bag and the lack of friction, the bag’s orientation rotates with me. This means no waking up with your face in the hood of the mummy! I have yet to get twisted up in the bag. Also, the center zip makes it really easy to “find your way our”. If you have used mummy’s you know what I am talking about. That couple of seconds in the middle of the night when you have to pee and can't find the zipper? Yeah.. not a thing in this bag.

Overall, I am 1000% satisfied with this bag. Jan was incredible to work with and was never bothered by my dozens of questions (at least he didnt make it known to me.. :). This bag is going with me on every hike for years to come!


Alpinist & Skaha sweater

Thank you for both the down sweater and sleeping bag. I recently returned from 8 days in The Tasmanian Wilderness and was absolutely satisfied with both products. The other three on the trip were very jealous of my sweater. We all needed to carry light gear because there were no food or fuel drops. All the others left their down jackets behind because they were too heavy. Not mine. So light. So warm. I love it . Also very impressed with down quality in the sleeping bag. The first few nights were warm and with previous sleeping bags I would have been perspiring and sticky but I layed it over me with zipper open and it was perfect. The last four nights the weather turned with a cold front and I snuggled in fully zipped up. Perfect. I think your down quality must be really good because in the past I have always had to wrestle with too hot or too cold all through the night. I had the best sleeps thank you. I am ordering a down sweater for my husband so I will be asking questions over next 2 days about the order before you are out of contact. Thank you again.

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Unavailable due to long lead times

The Alpinist is Nunatak's  center zip mummy bag. 

Product Options
Temperature Rating
18°F - minus 8°C
28°F - minus 2°C
Shoulder Circumference
The 60" shoulder circumference works for most.
Foot Box Circumference
Zipper Length
Shell Fabric

These are the Classic breathable shell options, typically listed from lightest to most durable. Please go to the Fabric Page for help choosing the shell material.

Liner Fabric
10d Black Taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
20d Black Taffeta - Durable
Down Type

We use 900 fill power goose down, certified responsibly sourced.

Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down will help combat the effects of perspiration, misting tents and damp air. Nunatak products made with Hyper-Dry down will have a slight increase in bulk over those made with untreated down.

Down Overfill
Adding overfill can prolong the life of the down, help maintain loft during moist conditions, boost the temperature rating by a small amount and keep the down volume from shifting. The amount depends on the product, the size and the rating.
No Thanks
Overfill in foot section
Overfill in torso section
Overfill evenly throughout
Plus quantity overfill throughout
Stuff Sack
Our stuff sacks are pretty dope, but current weight saving trends in ultralight circles eschews this once crucial item. So, opt out and save $ while also being very current.
No stuff sack
Yes, please include a stuff sack