Features of Nunatak Quilts.

The very popular concept of a quilt for backcountry use is best described as a lightweight, stripped down sleeping bag capable of being comfortable in a wider range of temperature situations, compared to a traditional mummy bag. The quilt achieves this versatility by having a modified blanket shape with a highly adjustable underside closure, resulting in no zipper and no hood. 

We offer quilts in two basic models: the Arc Quilt with a permanently closed foot section and the Vector with an openable blanket style foot.

The quilts are then divided into 6 temperature ratings: 40°, 32°, 25°, 20°, 15°, 5°.

On top of that, each of the 6 are available in 3 environment specific widths. In other words, the 40° standard width (46") is less roomy than the 15° standard width (58").

Nunatak quilts are well built and professionally sewn. Our longest running seamstress has been with us for 15 years and sewn thousands of quilts.

We use 800 FP goose down for the Arc Lite quilt and 900FP goose down for the Premium line, either traditional or Hyper-Dry moisture protected. All down is RSD certified for ethical harvesting and complete sourcing disclosure. Custom overfill option for all Nunatak products. More on down here .

As a stock feature we offer 2" differential cut in our 25° and 20° options, and 4" on the 15° and 5° quilts. The 32° and 40° quilts do not warrant this relatively complex upgrade, but it can be done upon request.

Differential cut is when the liner side of the sleeping bag is cut a few inches narrower that the shell. This results in a better 'wrap' and a warmer quilt due to less compression of the insulation with pokey body parts. 

Customer selected quality shell and liner fabrics, from see-thru ultralights to upgraded weather and abrasion protection. Find a combination that suits your usage. Fabric details here.

Baffled construction for full loft of the down. No cold bridges, no shortcuts, no compromises. 

Quilt straps featuring ultralight buckles and grosgrain webbing. (40° quilts have only one strap, half bags none). Nunatak's completely removable straps are easily customized and tweaked to the users preference, using common materials and inspiration from the Internet. More details here.

The quilts are outfitted with elastic drawcord adjustment of the top opening. (none on half quilts), with integrated draft stop area.

Additional top end draft control via snap closures at drawcord and down 10".


Top end quilt, semi closed.