Straps, Pads and how they interface with the Quilt.


When temperatures are dropping to near the comfort rating of a quilt, it needs to be snugged down and sealed to stay effective. This is where the strap system comes into play. 

Nunatak Quilts works best if the straps are utilized as designed. So here goes: on the quilt along the sides are sewn on 4 female ¾” buckles, 2 on the left hem and 2 on the right hem.

The straps attach to these via the male counterparts. 

Supplied with our quilts are two different straps. One is the ‘pad attachment strap’, the other a simple adjustable strap.

The ‘pad attachment strap’ holds the quilt to the pad while minimizing drafts, accomplished via the sliding male buckles, as shown on the diagram below.

The other simple adjustable strap also clip into the female buckles fixed on the quilt, and then go under your body (best), or under the sleeping pad (acceptable). 

Straps and their use are subject to individual preference. Some eschew them all together, other users need to be almost mummified.

Most of us here at Nunatak prefer the freedom of not being attached to the pad, and simply use the straps to snug the quilt down around us on nippy nights.

The 'pad attachment strap'. One supplied with each quilt purchase.

quilt straps.png

The diagram to the right depicts a view from the head looking down towards the foot end, showing the one pad attachment strap supplied with each quilt. 



orangecloseupnew_1.pngHere the pad attachment strap is applied and the quilt snugged down. It is shown as the black piece of webbing wrapping the sleeping pad.

The other simple adjustable strap is passed under the user's body and not visible in this scenario.


The sleeping pad alone with the quilt unclipped. Seen are the male parts of 2 center release buckles, facing each other. These slide in and out on the pad attachment strap, and when clipped to their female counter part on the quilt allow adjustment of the girth.


Detail of the quilt clipped on the strap. 

..and shown again clipped on both left and right sides. The ability of the buckles to slide back and forth on the strap is easily visualized here.

Since the strap placement on the pad needs to be in relationship with the buckle on the quilt it can help to mark its most common location.

The 'simple adjustable strap'. One supplied with each quilt.

The other strap supplied with our quilts is a simple dual adjustable job, long enough to go under the pad but probably works best when just passed under the body. Using two of these instead of the pad attachment strap frees one from being fixed to the pad. This is a simple method preferred by many, and feasible by adjusting the supplied hardware.

General Strap Stuff.

The straps and their associated buckles weigh under one ounce. They are cut generously long to fit on bigger old fashioned pads, most car camping setups or Paco Pads. For gram counters they can be cut down to just girdle your ultralight pad of choice.