May 2023: Availability Calendar of sorts:

Tentative schedule is 

Arc UL: Rolling restock. Small quantities

3D: May 

SULO: Mid June

Dog Bivy: In stock

Packs: In stock

Sastrugi/Alpinist/All down Garments: Fall - Winter

December 2022: Updated Ordering Details, Winter/Spring

There’s an insane increase in demand for our products

We are not willing to outgrow the garage (aka outsourcing)

Multi months lead times are driving us bonkers

So here:

For 2023 the website availability reflects products THAT ARE ALREADY SEWN

What does this mean? 

In a given week we might decide to do a run of 30°F Arc UL Quilts in a variety of sizes. Once the batch is sewn and ready to be stuffed it will be listed as available. The customer selects down type and yes/no to overfill. Within a week the quilt ships

How will the customer know when products become available?

Instagram. Website Banner. News tab

No more ‘custom’ orders? 


Due to global shipping issues we are disabling international shipping (except Canada) for the spring/summer. International customers can still order, but must arrange their own third party mail forwarding service. Google this. It is commonly used, even before this current shipping melee  

Quilts (Arc UL, SULO, 3D): We will be offering these products in two 'waves'.

First launch, January 15 until full: All three quilt models with the custom options as shown on the product pages. We expect this ordering window to be less than 4 weeks with moderate to long lead times.

Second availability runs from late winter until fall and is comprised of limited, in-stock/short lead time Arc UL quilts in the most popular sizes and configurations. Sold on a first come basis these quilts will be listed as they are sewn. .

Dog Bivy: Full time availability, 2 week lead-time

Down Balaclava: In stock from October onwards

Packs (Allmansright, all Bears Ears): Limited in-stock inventory updated as we built more. See individual packs for updates. One/two week turnaround

CLOSED! Down jackets/pants (Kobuk, Torre, Skaha): September thru October only. Lead-time 8-12 weeks

CLOSED! Bags (Alpinist Center Zip mummy, Sastrugi): September thru October only. Lead-time 8-12 weeks

A cottage industry is a small scale business conducted out of someone’s home. For more than 20 years Nunatak has been a true cottage industry, but with growing demand I am often pushed to the limit of what’s possible with a small crew and limited space.

Dealing with this issue is a luxury, but it’s also a delicate balancing game with risks.

Lead times are soaring past eight weeks these days. The lack of control with such a scenario is stressful, and customer satisfaction can reach a tipping point. Please plan accordingly. 

We have annual Christmas and summer holidays. The former is from December to mid January; the latter from mid July to mid August.

During these times ordering is disabled, but phone lines are open and emails promptly answered. During Holidays some work is still done, but few if any orders are shipped.


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