Reopening on August 17th, with an 8-10 week lead time. 

In-stock packs can be ordered during the break, and should ship within a week.

Shop used and second hand if you can't get our stuff in time. Or try other cottage makers with views and products that supports your quality desires and/or ethics.

A cottage industry is a small scale business conducted out of someone’s home. For more than 20 years Nunatak has been a true cottage industry, but with growing demand I am often pushed to the limit of what’s possible with a small crew and limited space.

Dealing with this issue is a luxury, but it’s also a delicate balancing game with risks.

Lead times are soaring past eight weeks these days. The lack of control with such a scenario is stressful, and customer satisfaction can reach a tipping point. Please plan accordingly. 

We have annual Christmas and summer holidays. The former is from mid December to mid January; the latter from mid July to mid August.

During these times ordering is disabled, but phone lines are open and emails promptly answered. During Holidays some work is still done, but few if any orders are shipped.


435 260 7384