9/28 - 2020:

We are reopening again for ordering on October 1st in the morning. 

Shipping this year has been plagued by month long delays and lost and/or damaged packages. Due to these circumstances we are only accepting orders from the US and Canada until further notice.

Some of our international customers are using mail forwarding services. This is not an endorsement of this system, so check for yourself if it is going to work.

9/21 - 2020: 

Our Apex synthetic insulated products are no more. We are too small a company to wrangle all these different offerings and guarantee superior designs all at the same time. So only down from here on out. 

If you have an Apex order already in, it will be built and shipped in queue.

9/1 - 2020:

I am in the process of combining down fill volumes for regular untreated and HyperDry moisture resistant down for all products.

Up until this date untreated down volumes were slightly lower. No longer.