1/8 - 2021:

Thanks to all who supported us in 2020, a challenging year for small businesses.

We are reopening on Wednesday January 20th, with expected lead times of 8-10 weeks. These could go up quick, depending on the volume of incoming orders.  

Apex will return in the form of jackets, pullovers and pants. Maybe one special use bag, we'll see.

We are introducing a new down quilt too, called the SULO Expert. With a tag line the goes "Luxury Third" it should be clear that it focuses on low weight and efficiency and one traditional camping comfort: warmth. Expect early spring for this one.

UPDATE, 1-20-21: We are terminating the development of the SULO, due to leaking issues of the down fill with the 7d material. This is the third time we have sourced and rejected 7d. I think it's over; not worth our time anymore for an ounce of savings. 

The IN STOCK & SALE page remain open. Lots of good stuff there; and expect more.

12/15 - 2020:

Our annual Christmas break is in effect. Ordering is disabled, but we are still working at a limited capacity and shipping past orders. Please limit calls and emails to essential subjects during this period.

A firm date for re-opening has not been determined yet, as we are currently deep in what we call Cottage Capacity (see below).

The IN STOCK & SALE page remain open. Lots of good stuff there; and expect more.

Lead times are 12+ weeks on all orders.

11/17 - 2020:

We are approaching our annual Christmas break. From December 15th to January 15th ordering is disabled. We are still working at a limited capacity; and shipping past orders. Please do not hesitate to call or email with questions during this period.

International orders are still not accepted due to Covid.

9/28 - 2020:

We are reopening again for ordering on October 1st in the morning. 

Shipping this year has been plagued by month long delays and lost and/or damaged packages. Due to these circumstances we are only accepting orders from the US and Canada until further notice.

Some of our international customers are using mail forwarding services. This is not an endorsement of this system, so check for yourself if it is going to work.

9/21 - 2020: 

Our Apex synthetic insulated products are no more. We are too small a company to wrangle all these different offerings and guarantee superior designs all at the same time. So only down from here on out. 

If you have an Apex order already in, it will be built and shipped in queue.

9/1 - 2020:

I am in the process of combining down fill volumes for regular untreated and HyperDry moisture resistant down for all products.

Up until this date untreated down volumes were slightly lower. No longer.