Frequently Asked Questions

We need to talk. How do I contact Nunatak? or (435) 260 7384 are both near a 100% response rate, quickly.

Instagram PM is a not too distant second choice, but expect a brief reply with some delay.

From our Facebook page: yeah, no. That platform is dead.


Where's Nunatak stuff made?

In the United States, but using products from both domestic and overseas sources. Our main facility is in the small town of Leadville, Colorado. Some items are sewn in Seattle, Washington, however all orders ships out from Leadville.


Lead Times (everything under this heading is about to go away. Please click on top banner for updates)

What is Lead Time?

The amount of time you will wait for a product to arrive at your home. Often many, many weeks.


Why Lead Times?

With Nunatak you order and pay for a product not yet made. Lead Time is the number of weeks it will take before your order is produced.


After ordering, will I be left in the dark all these weeks regarding my orders status?

No. During the (long) process of making your product we will update you via email:

- Payment Accepted

- Order Designed

- Order Cut

- Order Sewn

- Order Finished

- Order Shipped


Can I change/cancel my order during the lead time waiting period?

You can change your mind until you receive the email "Order Cut". 


Will the lead times ever go down?

Doesn't look like it!


Can I pay extra to get my order through faster?

Definitely not! First come, first served.


Custom Work

I hear you do custom work. I want to change and/or redesign one of your products to fit my super special requirements. Possible?

It is likely possible to create some unique variation of our standard products. Three caveats: Upon closer study we may decide your request is not feasible, and cancel. The resulting product may not be returnable, depending on the type of custom work performed. Any custom order is automatically tagged with an extra-extra long lead time, as in half a year or more. Yes.

So, reconsider. As it is, our products are already featured on the website with a gazillion options for fine tuning the end result. 


Quilt Info

I want more info about your quilts

On the product pages are links to more detailed info regarding sizing and other key elements. The links are also reproduced below:






The Arc UL straps are removable, but without them I can't clip the edges of the quilt together because the quilt has two female buckles installed. I want a male buckle on one side, female on the other.

Well, you can't have that. Quilts are almost certainly narrower than a full wrap mummy. If the quilt is supplied with a male/female sewn-on set of buckles it is assumed these will clip together without straining. But in most cases they won't. Some users may not be sensitive to the narrowness of quilts and still try. The result can easily be a ripped out buckle during abrupt movements (night time bear alert, among other common wilderness experiences).

If you can only clip the side edges together with a strap in between then the ladder lock buckle will slip before tearing the fabric. 


Here's my plan: I just got an Arc UL quilt. Now I'm stuffing a Neo-Air pad into the closed, mummy style footbox (although the pad doesn't really fit) and then I'm strapping the torso part of the quilt around the pad so a large portion of the quilt is sucked underneath. Almost a third of the quilt surface (down fill and all) is now grinding against pine cones and gravel and other high mountain debris as I toss and turn. Cool?

Nope. Quilts, together with your body, belong on top of a pad, or pad substitute (pack, ropes, spare stuff). No part of our quilts can find pads inserted into them, and no part of our quilts, even just an inch of edge, can exist underneath a pad. The warranty is immediately void once misguided users attempt this. Besides the real concern for damage, quilts will also under perform spectacularly like this.


I do not see an option for an openable footbox on the Arc UL? I need this for venting. Or I need this because having a flat blanket occasionally would be cool.

Yeah, sorry we do not offer this common quilt feature. It adds weight; introduces unwanted drafts; and replaces a fail-proof mummy style design with more bits and pieces that can go defective.

Venting one's feet is as easy as flexing the knees a few degrees to extract the feet from the footbox and placing them outside. 

The blanket shape is just something to look elsewhere for.



I want a color I do not see. I also want inside colors to be anything but black.

We can special order a wide variety of custom colors. Black liners can be replaced with colored ones on garments only, not quilts and bags. 


I destroy my gear! Can we do something not in those wimpy ultralight tissue paper fabrics?

All our products, including quilts, can be custom produced using materials more durable than the ultralight specific weights shown site wide.

We stock shell options from 40d to 70d in muted colors such as Multicam, olive, black.


Down Insulation

What type of down do you use?

We use goose down. The fill power is 900+. All products can be selected with either treated hydrophobic down or regular pure down.

On request, the down in your product can be tracked and verified for source, fill power, oil content, etc.


Is your down ethically sourced?

Yes, we purchase only down certified to the international RDS Standard.


Synthetic Insulation 

What type of synthetic insulation do you use?

We use Apex by Climashield, but offer it only as an over-bag called the Graupel; and for the Dog Bivy Winter Cover. 



I need room! Can you make really big stuff?

All our products can be custom produced in XXL sizes, or larger. Please email or call with your special requests.


Do you make women's specific cuts and sizes?

Sorry, no.


Do you make gear for kids?

We do not make garments for kids. We can design small sleeping bags and quilts for kids on a special order basis.


Returns and Warranties

I got my stuff but I do not like it. What now?

Simply return the unused items that do not meet your expectations, for a full refund. No hidden deductions, fake restocking fees or other traps. However, return shipping cost will apply.


My Nunatak gear needs repairs. What now?

Nunatak is backing up all products for manufacturing defects, offering either free replacements or fixes. Normal wear or accidental damage are not taken care of for free. This includes zippers.

We do reasonably priced repairs and alterations for the life of the product.


435 260 7384