For our synthetic insulated items we use a Climashield product called APEX. This is a proven durable insulator, taking well to prolonged wear and repeated laundering.

We interpret the temperature/weight relationship of APEX as follows:

Bags and Quilts

50°F: 5.0 oz/yd

42°F: 3.6 oz/yd

35°F: 5.0 oz/yd

30°F: 6.0 oz/yd

25°F: 7.2 oz/yd

20°F: 8.5 oz/yd

15°F: 10.0 oz/yd


Static activity level, proper layering required, condition dependent

2.2 oz/yd: 42°F

2.5 oz/yd: 40°F

3.6 oz/yd: 35°F

5.0 oz/yd: 25°F

Unlike down, there can be big swings in the weight of finished products made with APEX. The typical range is under 10%, plus or minus.