Down proof and calendered. Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treated. From ultralight see-thru tissue paper to enhanced weather and abrasion protection.

Nunatak fabrics are not proprietary. We test and select the best materials on the open market for our products. Without the commitment to large proprietary color runs we can stay current and upgrade as new contenders surface. That said, the venerable Pertex Quantum is a classic fabric still hard to surpass in consistent super high quality and function, and has been a Nunatak staple for years. Confused about the selection? Go Quantum.


 0.8 oz Pertex Quantum: Black, Sage Green, Mountain Safety Orange


This .8 Pertex Quantum has a distinct large square ripstop pattern and a slight increase in vapor transfer compared to Quantum 1.0. It is also nearly transparent, especially in orange, causing a change in color when filled with goose down. Same DWR+ treatment as featured with all Pertex fabrics.

Large ripstop grid, of about 1/8" squared.

USE: Shell appropriate on most ultralight quilts and jackets. These classic .8 ounce per square yard fabrics have long been the go-to choice among backpackers aiming to take the step into the realm of ultralight gear. With normal care the .8 Quantum offer reasonable durability, yet is noticeable lighter and less bulky than 1.0 oz fabrics. 

 0.66 oz MEMBRANE: Black, Moroccan Blue


An ultralight 10 denier taffeta (non ripstop) nylon that is breathable, calendered, and down proof. MEMBRANE 10 offers excellent wind/water resistance, a soft hand, and tested downproofing in both lab and field use. At 10 denier and a finished weight of 0.66 oz/ydMEMBRANE 10 is one of the thinnest/lightest taffeta nylon fabrics on the market today. Transparency makes it change hue with down fill.

USE: Shell and/or liner for projects requiring the lightest weight and minimal stuffed bulk. Familiar with the acronym SUL*? MEMBRANE is for you. This is a specialist fabric, for users willing to adjust to a decline in durability and tear strength. More suited to the the protected life of a quilt than the exposed wear of a down jacket. The lightness of Membrane translates the superior lofting ability of 900+ fill power down to real life warmth.

*SUL: Super Ultralight :)

 1.0 oz Pertex Quantum: Black, Sage Green


This 1.0 oz/sq. yard ripstop nylon shell material is a 20 denier material from Pertex, sporting a robust durable water repellent (DWR) coating and exceptional softness leading to high lofting down sleeping bags and top level performing down jackets.

The ripstop pattern is made up of micro squares.

High quality all round fabric with a semi matte sheen. Some users report the black to be bordering on silver/grey.

USE: Recommended without hesitation for all products in the Nunatak line-up. Our most popular shell material since first introduced in 2007.

 1.0 oz HyperD: Crimson, Royal Blue


HyperD is a lightweight diamond grid ripstop nylon, comparable to the 1.0 Quantum listed above. Designed for increased performance compared to standard square grid ripstop, HyperD is both stronger and more subtle with unique visuals.

Semi matte.

USE: Traditional blue and red suitable for all shell applications. An initial calendared stiffness quickly softens. 

 1.7 oz Epic by Nex-Tec: Black, Orange


EPIC by Nextec ™: At 1.7 oz/sq. yard, this polyester microfiber features a durable water resistant silicone fiber encapsulation. The result is a breathable, highly water resistant, soft and pliable material that allows for excellent loft. The silicone encapsulation is inherent in the fabric, thus easily outlasting traditional water repellent coatings.

Micro ripstop grid. Matte finish, silent.

USE: A good weather protective option especially for garments and possibly quilts. For users requiring more than the usual moisture and abrasion resistance. Epic excels in damp climates, open ended tarp shelters, bushwhacking and general hard use. Note: A quilt with an EPIC shell will gain a fair bit of weight and bulk compared to the significantly lighter materials listed above. 

 1.0 oz Nylon Taffeta: Black


This high quality, silky smooth 20d nylon taffeta is specifically designed for the lining side of down gear. Comfortable against bare skin, low friction for entering and turning, silent and soft. Tough enough to deal with calloused feet. Light DWR coating and a matte look. Black only.

USE: Liner material of choice on projects with 1.0 oz or heavier shell material. 

1.55 oz Epsilon by Duro


The multicam 40d, 1.55 oz./ sq. yd. ripstop nylon fabric balances light weight with the excellent tear strength of nylon. The NanoSphere® liquid repellency process offers a high resistance to moisture. The fabric has been processed to reduce air permeability and increase down-proofness, which also creates excellent wind-break properties for open use. Not as silent as Zeta polyester.

 1.9 oz Zeta by Duro


70d, 1.9oz Zeta multicam is a breathable and water repellent lightweight polyester with a matte look. It is soft and supple and is face treated with a durable water repellent finish.  Like Epsilon it also has low IR properties for night time utility, and is very quiet.