Nearly every product sold by Nunatak is made to order. This offers the potential to tweak and alter the design to any particular need. Many of our customers grab this opportunity.

The process of customization is complex and not always 100% successful. The serious clients usually know what they want and are well prepared with the details worked out. What they may be less aware of is the starting point, what the fit or size of the original product is before changes are made.

We size all our garments for layering. Besides this, most baffled construction is roomier than anticipated. The fabrics do not stretch, like fleece or spandex do, and loft (insulation value) can be compromised by tight spots, pokey elbows and such. Therefore, to work well, the garments that we make are voluminous in fit. Take note of this before working out a set of alterations.

The quilts are different. By nature of their design (the open zipperless back, the ephemeral down and super light fabrics) these are hardly noticed, easy to turn and move under and rarely too big. Again something to consider. 4 lengths and 3 width are selectable from the menus.

Under the Customs moniker is also down fill volume. Each bag has a temperature rating. Whether it is accurate is, of course, an issue of contention since we all feel the impacts of the environment in different ways. Most feedback is that we are close, but if anything a little optimistic.

What this rating can be used for effectively is comparing our bags with each other. The description will say something like high mountain use or desert summer use. Look at this, scrutinize the down fill weights compared to girth and hold it against your own experiences. Then consider if you need additional overfill to meet your expectations. 

After fit and insulation, we can also add, lenghten or eliminate zippers. Do extra pockets. Change cuffs and waist hems. etc. But it all comes at a cost, and often drives the delivery date out into the next millennia.