Kobuk Down Pants/Knickers

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3-4 season down pants or knickers.

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3-4 season baffled down pants or knickers.

The basic configuration is a simple design with an elastic drawcord at the waist, unfinished leg bottoms, no pockets. Build upon this with side zippers for passing footwear through, suspenders, etc.

The cut is moderately roomy to allow for layering and to preserve the down loft. Warning: These will make you look fat!


Kobuk down knickers

Have had a Kobuk Knickers in Quantum/Epic for years, it has held up well.
Very light, very warm.
Mine has buttons on one side: I can pull it over ski boots and under a shell without taking anything off.


    Great cold weather companions

    I ordered the Kobuk hoodie and pants last spring, and they had their first real test at Dolly Sods WV recently. Temperatures dropped to -12F with wind chills down to -30F. I used the Kobuk pants (and parka) around camp, and never felt the need to hit the tent and sleeping bag early. The combo easily extended my 0F sleeping bag down to the -12F reading that night, and would be good much lower than that. Impressed, and the degree of warmth for the weight is incredible.

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    Kobuk Down Pants/Knickers

    Kobuk Down Pants/Knickers

    3-4 season down pants or knickers.

    Product Options
    Pants Style
    Adjustable Elastic Waist and Plain Jeans Style Leg Opening
    Adjustable Elastic Waist and Elastic Leg Openings. Best Option for Knickers.
    Waist Size
    Size up when in doubt. Built for layering with long johns or thin pants while still maintaining loft.
    Here are both pants and knickers options. Actual inseam length will measure shorter as insulated pants generally ride lower; and to protect the leg opening from wear.
    Shell Fabric

    From ultralight (10d) over more durable (20d) to advanced weatherproofing (7d) 

    Liner Fabric
    10d Black Taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
    20d Black Taffeta - Durable
    Down Type
    Choosing Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down will help combat the effects of perspiration, misting tents and damp air. Nunatak products made with Hyper-Dry down will have a slight increase in bulk over those made with regular down. A 5% increase in fill weight also occur.
    900 Fill Power Goose Down, RDS Certified
    900 Fill Power Goose Down, Hyper-Dry, RDS Certified
    Pant Leg Zipper Opening
    Located on the outside of the lower leg. Size the zipper to allow footwear to pass through. Trail running shoes need only 12 inches, while boots may require 20" zippers. Consider full length separating zippers for ease of use while skiing, mountaineering, doing winter sports, etc.
    Pant Suspenders
    Removable. Installed suspenders adds 15g
    No Suspenders
    Add Suspenders
    Down Overfill
    Adding overfill can prolong the life of the down, help maintain loft during moist conditions, boost the temperature rating by a small amount and keep the down volume from shifting. Expect a weight increase ranging from one to six ounces depending on the product, the size and the rating.
    Stuff Sack
    Our stuff sack are pretty dope, but current weight saving trends in ultralight circles eschews this once crucial item. So, opt out and save $ while also being very current.