Down Balaclava

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Adding functionality and temperature range to quilts. 

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A companion to our ultralight hood less quilts, significantly boosting temperature range.

During extreme conditions the Down Balaclava could conceivably be worn while hiking, hanging out, etc. But take note, this thing is super toasty!

Temperature Rating4 Season
Baffle height1"
Differentially cut liner/shellYes. 1" stock
Fill Weight, size Medium2 oz
Total Weight, 0.66 oz/sq. yd shell, size Medium, incl. Hood and Pocket3.5 oz

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Bomber Down Hood

OK, I've got a down hood fetish, Nunatak, Z-Packs, Enlightened Equip . . . and this Nunatak hood is bomber, by far the warmest of the bunch. The baffles and loft do it. No sewn through seams, plenty long down around the neck so there are no gaps when I snug my quilt down, and the face opening - it works, well, clamping down tight with the drawstring right around my nose, just how I like it for sleeping at night. Materials, workmanship all good. Gives you a slightly cone head profile in your photo ops, and that is all right.

This hood is perfect for sleeping with a quilt.

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    Down Balaclava

    Down Balaclava

    Adding functionality and temperature range to quilts.