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Order Window: Sept - Oct 2022

The Kobuk UL is a minimalist down hoodie packed with warmth at the absolute lowest weight and bulk. Top shelf ultralight materials throughout allow 60+% of the total weight invested in the 900 fill power down insulation.

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Order Window: Sept - Oct 2022

The ultralight aficionado can shed substantial pack weight with the Kobuk UL for gear intensive pursuits like backcountry skiing, winter mountaineering or cold season backpacking. 500g/17.6oz total for a size large.


The box-baffle design creates a one inch deep continuous space between the outer shell and the liner, without cold bridges or other breaks in the insulation. Our high quality 900 fill power goose down occupies this space, controlled by evenly spaced inner walls of mesh.

The Kobuk has 1.3 inches of loft. Static comfort temperature is 10°F with adequate layering and protection from wind chill.


The guiding principle for the Kobuk UL is winter capable warmth without excessive weight.

The front zipper is backed by a down filled draft tube with an anti-snag zipper guard for smooth operation.

Crucial head coverage with an integrated hood that can be zipped up to the nose and cinched down to the brows. Choose between form fitting or helmet compatible.

The oversized, insulated and zippered exterior pockets are overlaid the main body insulation. This allow them to be left open without compromising core warmth.

Interior zippered pockets can be selected at chest and belly level. The chest pockets will fit snacks and electronics, while the belly pockets can hold soft flasks in an environment that could prevent them from freezing.


The Kobuk UL is sized to accommodate the effective modern base layering systems applicable during shoulder seasons and mild winter conditions in the mountains.

Shell Fabrics

Available are very breathable and fast drying ultralight 10d fabrics. Materials for the Kobuk UL focus on low weight before tear strength and durability. The Kobuk Classic is better for rough activities.

What's In the Box?

Your Kobuk Mountain Parka, a perfect fitting silnylon stuff sack, care instructions and purchase certificate. Oh, and stickers!

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lovely lifesaver

This got me through a windstorm at -15C/5F, 10-20 m/s atop an alpine peak. And putting this on cut the wind and the cold 100% I was so warm and cozy with my back against the wind I had no issues against the cold.

The issue was moving against the wind as the weather got so bad I decided to turn back. But backtracking meant going against the wind. It was pitch black and visibility was low also due to the snowy mist that was blowing everywhere.

It was scary and I kind of panicked for a while but after calming down I realized I was super warm even within the storm around me.

With my hand/glove over my face and this coat on I was eventually able to backtrack below the tree-line for safety by inspecting my previous steps in the snow (I was without a compass, stupid I know, but had a small lantern as light).

Also used this while waiting for a train in the cold for an hour. Popped it on and was cozy. Popped it off and packed it in the backpack after. Doesn't weigh much and packs in well compared to any typical parka.


Dear Nunatak Equipment.

It arrived today!
"Kubok parka" is very warm and very light!
I really like it!
It is my best item! I will treasure it forever!
Thank you very much!
Also stickers.

Chisei Goto for japan


Kobuk is the Best Down Parka In America

This is the best expedition-grade down parka I have ever come across. I am very picky but the Kobuk beats all the competition.

I got 3 oz. of overfill and the expedition-grade hood, making my Kobuk ready for the -45F weather here in interior Alaska. All my co-workers and friends are jealous of my extra poofy down parka. Theirs do not cut it in the extreme cold. The materials and workmanship show the care and passion the Nunatak team has for down products and customer service.

The level of customization is exceptional to allow the customer to get exactly what they need out of their down parka. The elastic cuffs are perfect for large mitts. The hem adjusters have been updated to allow you to use with large mitts. The oversized hand warmer pockets are insulated on both sides and extra wide. That is my favorite feature because it allows you to keep something like a headlamp in your pocket, stuff it to the corner, and not feel it while keeping your hands warm.

Jan (owner) works closely with you to get exactly the fit and comfort level you are looking for. I had a 26-message email string with Jan about sizing, overfill options, etc. before making the purchase. A short turn-around period later and I had what for me is the perfect winter down parka.

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Dear Jan:
just got my order,i can find no wards to say how good it is,its so suitable to me just like another skin and so warm but so light。good job。

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Dear Jan,
today i got my order,no words can say how much i love it,its suitable just like my
skin and so warm but unthinkable light。perfect job!

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Custom Kobuk

Review from 06/15/2016:

Hi Jan, Just received Kym’s Jacket and it fits perfectly and is just what we were after. Thanks for your patience and expertise. My quilt has served me well over the last three weeks away, I love it, it is the cosiest sleeping gear I have ever had and perfect comfort level. Best wishes for your successful business Regards Lorraine

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Kobuk UL

Kobuk UL

Order Window: Sept - Oct 2022

The Kobuk UL is a minimalist down hoodie packed with warmth at the absolute lowest weight and bulk. Top shelf ultralight materials throughout allow 60+% of the total weight invested in the 900 fill power down insulation.

Product Options
Tall Version
Add 2"
No Extra Length
Sleeve Length
No Extra Length
Add 2"
Hood Type
Standard Hood
Hood sized to fit over helmet
Exterior Pockets
Zippered, insulated exterior hand warmer pockets
Do not install any exterior pockets!
Interior Zippered Chest Pocket
Both sides!
Interior Zippered Lower Torso Cargo Pockets
Both Sides, Please!
Shell Fabric

Forest Green Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Grey Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Moroccan Blue Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Dark Olive Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Purple Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most Breathable
Black Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Liner Fabric
10d Black Taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
Down Type

Choosing Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down will help combat the effects of perspiration, misting tents and damp air. Nunatak products made with Hyper-Dry down will have a slight increase in bulk over those made with regular down.

Down Overfill
No Overfill
Overfill focused on torso section
Overfill evenly distributed throughout
Stuff Sack
Yes, please include a stuff sack
No stuff sack