3D Quilt Four Season

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Due to move this product is unavailable until late 2022.

Two levels of warmth offering true cold weather capacity in an advanced backcountry quilt design.  

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Due to move this product is unavailable until late 2022.

The 3D is our highest developed quilt, designed to provide ultimate efficiency via draft free warmth and weather protection, while maintaining the adaptability and ease of use of the modern backcountry quilt.

We make them in 4 temperature ratings, conservatively stated as 35°F, 25°F, 15°F and 5°F.  On this page you can select the sizing and features pertaining to the 15 and 5 degree versions.

The 3D was designed in a response to the luke warm reviews of the generic open bottom quilt when used in real cold conditions. While adequate loft is simple to achieve, it takes creativity to arrive at the necessary body-hugging shape and draft free closure, and at the same time retain most of the endearing quilt features we've come to love.


Two levels of insulation: Conservatively defined as 15°F or 5°F. The loft is a minimum of 2.75" and 3.25".  Fill volumes for either level are detailed in the charts below, and offer further insight into whether these quilts will meet your needs. 

Advanced baffle layout. Together with our carefully calculated fill volumes, the tapered and individually optimized baffles help to eliminate migrating down and cold spots. Along with loft, these are crucial design components for a cold weather quilt.

Differential cut. The outside of the quilt is built with a proportionally larger girth and length. This keeps the insulation fully lofted even when attacked by a restless sleeper.

No-strap design. The 3D Quilt is form cut to encourage hassle free wrap, while the full zipper closure offers a last resort barrier on the coldest of nights. These semi-quilts will still adapt to the typical quilt blanket mode, however not in the same sprawling manner as the more traditional Arc UL, found here.

Enhanced moisture protection in areas of exposure: Optional waterproof/breathable fabrics protect the upper quilt where moist exhalations can wet out the insulation; as well as the foot section, an area often rubbing with damp shelter walls. This performance fabric adds little additional weight to a finished 3D Quilt.

Goose down. We use only high quality 900 fill power goose down, in plain untreated or Hyper-Dry to resist loft-killing moisture. Our batches are certified ethically sourced/harvested and can be tracked upon request.

Draft collar with left and right sided cord controls. The cozy, overstuffed neck collar holds the warmth inside and keeps tight cords away from skin.

Premium Down Balaclava available at 50% cost savings. Night time heat loss from the head is not to be underestimated. Even the hood on your ultralight down jacket may be inadequate in the conditions these quilts are designed for. When purchasing the 3D Quilt there's an option for selecting our premium Down Balaclava for half the cost found elsewhere on this site.

Optional lining of extra durable fabric in the fully enclosed footbox. This area typically sees the most wear, whether from calloused feet or the storing and drying of footwear. Substituting the standard liner for a 20D material gives this area an edge in long term durability. Expect a minor weight increase.

Dual draft tubes along the zipper. These optional baffles are for users who anticipate sleeping with the zippered side anywhere but downwards.

Size specific zipper length. We install a zipper with a length that is balanced to the size of the quilt, ranging from 48" to 68".


The length is given in inches from the inside foot to the top of the neck baffle When cinched shut around a user's shoulders the length will shrink by several inches. Optimized for colder seasons, this quilt should be able to reach to the top of the user's head in open mode.

The width is offered in three sizes. 60" is the gold standard mummy circumference that fits most. Small frames will benefit from the 54" to entrap less dead air. Folks desiring lots of wiggle room can select the 66". 

2 footbox sizes are available. The 40" is good for most folks up to size 10 or 11 shoes.  


Correcting my previous rating - this is a five star bag!!

As per other review


Perfect bag/quilt combo made in heaven

I had a 10F made with all sorts of customisation, colours, mid size width, combo of water proof and non w/p fabrics front and back, the lot. Great advice on all fronts, even had sample fabrics sent because I couldn't make up my mind. I have recently owned an Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt (0F) and this 10F is hands down way warmer - I had draft issues with the EE and find it really hard to get warm again. Have tested the 3D down to just above freezing in alpine conditions and also a couple of nights in warmer weather. Also recently owned a Sea to Summit Flame IV and where both of those other bags had warmth/draft issues, the 3D does it all. Warm when zipped up, easily aired in warmer conditions. It really does spread out like a quilt. My only minor gripe (minor!) is that I didn't know there was 40d fabric used along the zipper and it's very crinkly sounding. But only whilst zipping up. The bag is made so well, it's a joy to own. Draft collar works really well, not sure you'd need any water proofing along there, when done up snug, my collar kind of disappears in on itself around my neck which also makes the outside cords come closer to inside and super easy to handle without dangling in my face. I am 160cm and weigh 61kg, I got a 58 inch width which still has good room around the shoulders but maybe next time would consider going the standard 60 inch to get a little more space around the hips as I have a tendency to pull my legs up (feels a tad narrower on hips that SS Flame IV).
Personally, I cannot deal with a hood on bags, they always end up in my face; the balaclava you can order is super warm, doesn't do up very tight around the neck if you want a super snug fit but absolutely does the job of keeping my head warm - two colours, of course!

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15° version

Here's write up:


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New Standard

Outstanding design and workmanship; Ordered Jan.3 received Feb.23. have several higher end bags-this 3D is easily equal to or better. Thanks Jan.What a quilt!

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3D Quilt Four Season

3D Quilt Four Season

Due to move this product is unavailable until late 2022.

Two levels of warmth offering true cold weather capacity in an advanced backcountry quilt design.  

Product Options
15°F / -10°C
5°F / -15°C
Include Down Balaclava with Quilt Purchase
An exposed or inadequately insulated head causes significant heat loss. The included full size high loft down balaclava is recommended for the 3D Quilt to deliver true 3 season high mountain performance .
No Thanks!
Yes, Please! Get our $100 Down Balaclava for $50. Black only and untreated 900fp down.
Inside Length
Choose a length closely matching your height. Size up if needed.
Shoulder Width
54" inside circumference. Small frames, skinny people
60" inside circumference. Fits most.
66" inside circumference. Very roomy.
Footbox Size
Custom sizes are available for the fully enclosed mummy style foot. Choose the bigger 44" only if you have large feet (11>) or wish to store and dry items inside.
40" circumference foot end
44" circumference foot end
Shell Material

Two options: Ultralight 10d for the lightest, most breathable and best lofting performance. 15d for more durability and tear resistance with only a small weight penalty.

Waterproof/Breathable Shell Options

This selection substitutes a 7d waterproof/breathable shell fabric to the lower third, plus the head opening. The large torso middle section remain with the classic 10d/15d breathable fabric.

No Thanks!
Grey Robic Weatherproof 7d - Applied Only to Lower Third and Top Draft Collar
Liner Material
Breathable 10D Taffeta, Black.
Inside Footbox Liner upgrade

Adding the burlier 20D liner fabric option to the foot area gives this high wear area a little more durability for the long term. Also useful if storing and drying items inside the quilt.

No Thanks!
Yes, please include 20d durable foot liner material
Down Type

We use 900 fill power goose down, certified responsibly sourced.

Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down will help combat the effects of perspiration, misting tents and damp air. Nunatak products made with Hyper-Dry down will have a slight increase in bulk over those made with untreated down.

Differential Cut
The standard differentially cut design creates a bigger shell compared to the liner. This allows the insulation to achieve full loft and helps eliminate cold spots.
Yes. Please!
Integrated Neck Draft Collar with Cord Channel
This standard feature creates an insulated collar at the top of the quilt, aiding in draft control and keeps the stiff shock cord away from the skin.
Yes, Please!
The 3D Quilt is useful in regular quilt 'open' mode, with the zipper completely undone. On the coldest nights the zipper can be applied as a last defense.
The zipper is primarily designed to be under the user, but with the optional draft tubes along the sides of the zipper, it can also face up or sideways.

#3 YKK Coil. One way. Inside/outside slider pull. Lightest option.
#5 YKK Coil. Two way. Inside/outside slider pull. More durable option.
Draft Tubes Along Zipper
Choose draft tubes if you want to use the quilt with the zipper facing up, or if you expose the underside when turning.
No Thanks!
Dual Draft Tubes Along Zipper
Down Overfill
Adding overfill can prolong the life of the down, help maintain loft during moist conditions, boost the temperature rating by a small amount and keep the down volume from shifting. The amount depends on the product, the size and the rating.
No Thanks
Overfill in foot section
Overfill in torso section
Overfill evenly throughout
Stuff Sack
Our stuff sacks are pretty dope, but current weight saving trends in ultralight circles eschews this once crucial item. So, opt out and save $ while also being very current.
No stuff sack
Yes, please include a stuff sack
Your Measurements
Optional: Fill in the blanks to ensure getting the best fit. No changes will be made to your size selections without approval
Shoe Size