Nova Bivy With Full Insulated Coverage

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Full coverage bag using Apex synthetic insulation. With center zipper, hood and waterproof/breathable ultralight shell material.

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The Nova Insulated Bivy is for cowboy camping; flat tarp users; any activity in moist and damp conditions; or as an outer shell in a winter setup. 

As a one piece bivy/sleeping bag the Nova Bivy is easy and fast to get in and out of, allow sitting activities, and take full advantage of the synthetic APEX insulation. Combined with an advanced waterproof/breathable shell one gets enhanced dew, splash, mist and light drizzle/snow protection. Not suitable for prolonged exposure to direct rain.

During bug season this full coverage bag can be used effectively with a head-net (not supplied) for complete protection.

Designed as a modular piece with a generous fit the Nova Bivy can be used alone for summer time trips; and then layered up with the Nano Liner for the colder seasons. Adding an insulated down or synthetic jacket further expands the possible combinations.

The Bivy is available in 50°F, 42°F or 35°F. The Nano Liner can be had in either 40°F or 30°F. If used correctly the warmest combo (35°F/30°F) should provide reasonable comfort down to negative 5°F. See chart below.


Full coverage bag with generously sized front/top entry.

Scalloped top with lower cut front/slightly taller back.

Waterproof/breathable shell. Not seam taped.

28" front zipper with top snap closure

Shoulder/neck drawcord closure, operable from the inside when the optional hood is selected.

Optional insulated hood with face opening drawcord closure.

The Nova Insulated Bivy is not designed to have a ground pad inside the bag.

To be used with or without a Skaha Jacket and Nano Down Liner. If using with

the latter, please refer to the blue chart for the combined comfort temperature ratings.



The following is from a tester using a prototype:

Long story short, I am 100% AMAZED at how warm and comfortable I stayed in the Nova + Arc UL. By my thermometer, temperatures got down to about 25 degree F, and there was a steady breeze with gusts of approx 20-30 mph all night long at a very exposed campsite, so wind chill was actually quite a bit lower. That said, wrapped up in the bivy I barely noticed the wind and it never cut through the bag to my core.

On top of the cold / wind, that night it snowed about 4". Again, I cowboyed and had no over tarp just to see how the setup would handle moisture. Aside from periodically shaking off snow when I woke up throughout the night, I didn't do anything special. The Nova didn't wet out--the outer WPB layer seemed to stay cold enough and insulate well enough--and as best I could tell the synthetic insulation actually remained dry as well. I inspected the Arc UL the next morning and could find no signs of condensation or moisture on the body of the quilt.

The only moisture build up I experienced was (unsurprisingly) near the head area. I don't have a good picture but the Nova had notable moisture near the opening and head area.

I was nervous I was going to freeze to death with such a light setup for a winter bivy, but walked away the next morning feeling totally confident in the Nova. In fact, I would definitely feel comfortable marketing and emphasizing how sweet of a piece this is for winter camping. I would think most people could be very happy in the winter by pairing their 3-season quilt with a Nova and shaped tarp.


    All Around Rockstar

    I used this on Mt. Shuksan for a week. Paired with a quilt, this thing is a furnace. Despite massive winds I remained toasty throughout the night. The 42 degree option might even be warm enough to use as a dedicated summer sleep system. The fitting on it is really nice. The hood fits perfectly over your head. Overall this thing rocks. I've only taken it alpine climbing so far and it has exceeded expectations.

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      Nova Bivy With Full Insulated Coverage

      Nova Bivy With Full Insulated Coverage

      Full coverage bag using Apex synthetic insulation. With center zipper, hood and waterproof/breathable ultralight shell material.

      Product Options
      Temperature Rating
      These are conservative ratings when used as a stand alone product. Add an ultralight down insulated liner for significant temperature boost.
      50°F / 10°C
      42°F / 5°C
      35°F / 2°C
      42°F / 5°C from the waist down ~ 50°F / 10°C upper body.
      35°F / 2°C from the waist down ~ 50°F / 10°C upper body.
      35°F / 2°C from the waist down ~ 42°F / 5°C upper body.
      Shoulder Width
      For most folks the 32" width provides enough room for layering with a puffy jacket and/or Nano Down Liner.
      Footbox Size
      The 40" footbox is based on a standard male size 10 foot.
      For use as an 'over bag' please go up one or more sizes from your base bag/quilt.
      Shell Fabric

      An ultralight 7d waterproof/breathable fabric in three colors, providing adequate protection from heavy dew , mist and splashes. Product is not seam taped.

      Liner Material Options
      Choose between lightest - the 10d - or long lasting comfort at the penalty of several ounces extra weight: the 20d

      Unselecting the hood saves 30 grams

      No Hood
      Please add a fully insulated hood
      Your Measurements
      Optional: Fill in the blanks to ensure getting the best fit. No changes will be made to your size selections without approval
      Shoe Size 
      Stuff Sack
      Our stuff sack are pretty dope, but current weight saving trends in ultralight circles eschews this once crucial item. So, opt out and save $ while also being very current.