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A premium, fully featured synthetic quilt.

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Due to Apex supply issues this product is currently unavailable.

The 3D Apex applies everything we have developed about advanced hood-less down quilt construction, but adjusted to synthetic insulation. The result is a highly evolved, super efficient backcountry quilt with a long list of features focused on comfort and thermal efficiency.

Shaped design

The compound curved panels of the 3D Apex comes together into a naturally 'body wrapping' shape. Starting narrow at the neck before widening by the shoulders, then gradually curving in towards the foot end. This paneled design allows a quilt style underside opening with parallel edges for ease of draft sealing when needed. The sewn closed, round mummy style foot end is the lightest, warmest arrangement.

Differential cut

The outer fabric shell is sewn longer and with more transverse circumference than the inner lining to maximize the insulation value of the high loft Apex.

Weighted insulation

In the options menu low and high priority areas of the quilt can be selected with different effective temperature ratings. I.e. the foot section can be warmer than the rest; or the 'wings' wrapping under the user's torso can receive thinner insulation than the torso top.

Draft collar

The cush draft collar from the Arc UL quilt series is here too, insulated with loose fill synthetic and finished with a side controlled shock cord.

ETC draft control or full zipper closure

For the parallel sided torso underside opening one can minimize drafts while retaining classic quilt freedom with the proven ETC system pared with straps; or completely eliminate cold air intrusion by selecting a full length zipper.

Custom sizing

Correct sizing is paramount to efficient thermo regulation. We offer length adjustments in 4" increments and several different widths; plus regular and oversized foot boxes.

Use as an Over-Quilt 

Properly sized and spec'ed the 3D Apex integrates with our down sleep systems to provide a hassle free winter setup with excellent moisture fighting capabilities.

Shown here is the 30°F version with 42°F underside, in 10d grey torso and moisture resistant 7d foot section. The size is 70" L by 58" wide. The foot is the standard 40" circumference. Total weight for this version is 22.5 ounces. 

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3D Apex

3D Apex

Currently unavailable.

A premium, fully featured synthetic quilt.

Product Options
Torso Section Temperature Level

Four basic ratings; with the option go down one level on the underside to save bulk and weight. If using this latter feature, take note that a small portion of the underside area is facing to the side and therefore will lower the overall temperature rating.

50°F top and underside
42°F top and underside
30°F top and underside
20°F top and underside
42°F torso top with 50°F underside
30°F torso top with 42°F underside
20°F torso top with 30°F underside
Full Foot Section Temperature Level

Four basic temperature rating are available for the full mummy style footbox. Depending on size this covers up to 24" from the bottom end

Inside Length
Choose a length closely matching your height. Size up if needed.
Shoulder Width
52" inside circumference. Small frames, weight weenies
58" inside circumference. Fits most.
64" inside circumference. Very Roomy. For quilt layering.
Footbox Size
Custom sizes are available for the fully enclosed mummy style foot. Choose the bigger 44" only if you have large feet (11>) or wish to store and dry items inside.
40" diameter foot end
44" diameter foot end
Oversized foot section for quilt layering
Shell Material

10d breathable ultralight ripstop shell fabric. The color is tied to the temperature rating of the upper torso. The Fabric Page lists alternate custom options. Please contact us with special needs up to 70d

50°F Purple - 42°F Olive - 30°F Dark Grey - 20°F Moroccan Blue
Waterproof/Breathable Shell Options

The first selection substitutes a black 7d waterproof/breathable shell fabric to the lower third of the quilt, plus the top neck/head opening. The large torso middle section remain with the classic 10d breathable fabric.
The second choice, represented by 'Full Coverage', will completely replace the 10d breathable material with a full coverage of the 7d waterproof/breathable shell in blue.

Liner Material
Breathable 10D Taffeta, Black.
Inside Footbox Liner upgrade

Adding the burlier 20D liner fabric option to the foot area gives this high wear area a little more durability for the long term. Also useful if storing and drying items inside the quilt.

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Yes, please include 20d durable foot liner material
Differential Cut
The standard differentially cut design creates a bigger shell compared to the liner. This allows the insulation to achieve full loft and helps eliminate cold spots.
Yes. Please!
Integrated Neck Draft Collar with Cord Channel
This standard feature creates an insulated collar at the top of the quilt, aiding in draft control and keeps the stiff shock cord away from the skin.
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Quilt Underside Closure/Draft Control

Experienced backpackers can use this form cut quilt  in regular 'open' mode, with no additional features. 

For a better defense against drafts on the coldest nights the zipper option can be selected.

Or choose the variable ETC draft control tensioner with ultralight shock cord straps. 

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Stuff Sack
Our stuff sacks are pretty dope, but current weight saving trends in ultralight circles eschews this once crucial item. So, opt out and save $ while also being very current.
Yes, please include a stuff sack
No stuff sack
Your Measurements
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