Amarok - The Trail Dog Parka

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Quality insulated coats for trail dogs

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We love backpacking with our dogs. We’re also pretty good at making quality down equipment. Nunatak is now combining the two.

Short haired active dogs are ideal companions for the trail. They run cooler with more energy and don’t get as messy. But they also have a challenging time staying warm in camp after exploring all day. 

The Amarok addresses this issue from an ultralight perspective.

Two choices of insulation:

* 900 fill power dry treated goose down in a fully baffled ultralight construction. Light, compact and luxuriously fluffy, this makes for a cosy coat. Must be kept dry to work!
* Climashield APEX synthetic insulation in 3 weights. Less compact when stored and slightly heavier, the Climashield retain a modicum of insulation value when wet, plus it dries very fast in direct sunshine.

Shell fabric choices are breathable DWR treated 1.0 oz/yd ripstop nylon in red, blue or camo.

Liner fabric is either 1.0 oz/yd ripstop or 1.4 oz/yd silnylon. The latter is a waterproof fabric that will keep a damp or wet dog warmer, but is not allowing its coat to dry very fast. The insulation however is protected from migrating moisture outwards from the fur.

The coat weighs around 100 grams, or 3.5 ounces for a 40 lbs dog.

How to get the right size coat for your dog:

Two measurements are needed:

1) The length of the back from the typical placement of a collar to the root of the tail

2) Your dogs girth, or chest size, taken right behind the front legs

Find these numbers in the drop down menus below. Round up if your dog's measurements fall in between the the 2" increments available.

3) In Product Customizations please enter your dog's breed and upload a pic it you have one.

Amarok is Inuit for a mythological wolf, giant and fierce, which can be called upon in times of stress. At a cost!

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A great addition to the dog gear

Its a great jacket. Super lightweight and packable. Fits very well. It's not for wearing in the rain of course, but for those very cold days/nights or if your dog doesn't have an undercoat I highly recommend it.


    Custom Amarok Dog Coat

    From an email we received:

    I've been meaning to thank you for the lovely dog jacket you made a little smaller for me. It's awesome. Sophie's toasty warm now, thank you!



      Custom Coat/Sleeping Cape

      Hi Jan, love the super dog sleeping cape! It fits perfectly although a bit big in the belly behind the front legs, just by an inch, but I'd rather too big than too small. It's going to take some practice for her to be comfortable in the sleeping cape part but it's just right for the job. Thank you so much!!



        I wanted to tell you how much we live the jacket! It fits him perfectly. And it will keep him very warm this winter! Thank you so much.

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          Amarok - The Trail Dog Parka

          Amarok - The Trail Dog Parka

          Quality insulated coats for trail dogs

          Product Options
          Girth Behind Front Legs
          Measure behind front legs. Round up to nearest value.
          Back Length, Collar to Tail
          From collar to tail base. Round up to nearest value.
          Down or Synthetic Fill
          The goose down is the lightest, most compressible option for a high quality fluffy parka.
          The synthetic Climashield will work better with wet dogs in damp climates. Three levels are offered with the 5 oz/yard being the warmest
          Shell Fabric

          Please go to the Fabric Page for help choosing the shell material.

          Liner Fabric
          Your Dog's Approximate Weight