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Simpler, minimally featured quilt for less money, capable of striking an excellent balance of weight and bulk against durability and lasting performance. From 30° down to 5°.

Premium 850 fill power goose down in regular and Hyper-Dry.

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Custom item. Multi week lead time.


Here is a modern backcountry quilt with an excellent balance of weight and bulk against durability and lasting performance. The ever popular 20° rating provides the most versatile setup for all-round use in the summer mountains. 


In short the Arc Element is the simpler featured, slightly heavier cousin to the premium Arc UL, providing solid performance at a lower cost. This is made feasible via a less complex top closure; fewer sizing and custom options; and materials that are not of the expensive super-ultralight variety.

Down Fill

The Element has down rated at 850 FP. While significantly less rare to obtain than the 900fp variety in the rest of the Nunatak line, this level is nonetheless a viable option for ultralight equipment. A few years back 850 fill was the bomb diggity!

There's a choice between regular pure 850 and Hyper-Dry 850. The latter is treated to withstand moderate levels of moisture infiltration. The drawbacks are a slightly bulkier finished quilt and higher cost. The weight is comparable to regular down.

All Nunatak down is responsibly sourced and ethically harvested. The 'Organic' label of the feather industry.

Shell and Liner Fabric

The shell and liner fabrics of the Arc Element series is in the venerable 1.0 ounce per yard range. Still very light, these 20d choices have a considerable advantage over the extreme ultralight materials in long term durability and immediate tear strength.

Our silky smooth 1.0 nylon taffeta is specifically made as a sleeping bag liner. It has high breathability and feels comfortable against bare skin with its semi-matte sheen. This fabric alone is the reason to consider the Arc Element!


A six step measure of the inside useful length in 4" increments is complementing the subjective Small to X-Long moniker.

Using this system you can choose how much coverage the quilt provides when lying on your back. Reaching just the chin level is the absolute shortest anyone should go, and then only if you're a warm sleeper. Forehead level is the best compromise of low weight - efficient coverage.  

As always, it is prudent to size up if in doubt. If just a little too short one tends to compress the foot area insulation to the detriment of cold feet.

The stock 53" shoulder width of the Arc Element is adequate for most users. Even side sleepers will find it easy to tuck and seal out drafts. All our measurements are taken with the quilt filled and un-stretched. Always true and real life coverage numbers.

Foot End Design

The Arc Element sports the traditional Arc permanently closed footbox. This is a fully formed, roomy compartment with a sewn-in-place oval bottom. The closed foot section is 24"-28" long. In other words, a design familiar from high-end mummy bags. 

This type of foot closure provides the most warmth for the least weight, with no fancy features to fail. 

Down Control

One reason sleeping bags might not meet expectations is due to shifting of the down during a night of tossing and turning. This can leave bare spots and lower the effectiveness of the quilt. Nunatak takes design steps to increase fill stability.

The overstuffed chambers on the Arc Element is arguably the most effective method for down control. Doing it right, however, is a balancing act. Too much fill adds weight without additional benefit. 

Nunatak single person quilts uses a blend of transverse and longitudinal baffle orientation to prevent the down filled chambers from shifting their content away from the high points. We also do careful tapering and sizing of these individual chambers to help with the issue.

What's in the box?

The quilt, a set of quilt straps, a silnylon stuffsack and a large breathable storage sack

Go to the bottom of this page for the full Arc Element Configuration Menu!

The stuffed size of a 20° medium is 15" long and a circumference of 20"

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Left a previous review and for some reason the review showed 4 stars. This is the best all around bag I own and between the quality of the product and outstanding customer service I would definitely give both a big 5 star rating! Dennis Martin


    Big Guy Fits Great

    I'm 6', 260lbs with extra wide shoulders. I ordered the 73" long x 66" shoulder. I wear size 12 shoe and got the 42" foot box with vector option. This quilt is awesome. Great features and easy to use. My wife said she would do more camping if I got her one of these too.


      Arc Element

      I ordered a Vector Arc 15 degree bag/quilt. Jan helped me modify the Vector so it opens completely as a quilt and the foot box closes completely with a cord acting as an arc. I added the weather resistant Epic shell with 900 plus fill down and added down insulation. Jan recommended a few inches be added to the Arc. I've used this bag indoors and outdoors every night for the last 6 months. It is perfect as a quilt inside and is wonderful inside a Gortex bivy outside. If you wear a down hooded jacket inside this Vector you will be comfortable in winter conditions. I love it and keep it with me wherever I travel in Oregon. It could be a life saver for me and my wife if we ever ran into a situation where we were stuck in winter conditions. Jan is always helpful whenever I have any questions. Customer service is awesome.

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      Arc 15F

      From an email we received:

      Dig the top quilt u made me.
      Super warm-just perfect.


        New 2 Season Arc Quilt

        From an email we received:

        I purchased my quilt summer 2016 and have used for ~ 20 nights since. It is considerably warmer than the three season (UK) bag it replaced while also being ~ 30% lighter - a testament to the excellent design and materials. The flexibility and comfort of the quilt it not undersold and I intend to take it trekking in Greece this spring where I will be sleeping at elevations between sea level and 2500 metres. No signs of wear and tear so far. Good service and delivered well ahead of original estimate. No reservations about ordering from Nunatek again.

        Kind regards,

        Jon Ball


          Arc Alp 15°

          Review from 04/27/2016:

          I have now used my quilt for 7 nights in South West Tasmania. It was excellent. Conditions were not that cold (4 deg C) but it was super warm and comfortable. Lumpy down from shipping dissipated. I even felt sorry for my friend who had a regular bag. So - I am very happy with my purchase.


            New quilt day!

            This review from 04/27/2016 is an excerpt from an email we received, and published here with the author's permission. Nunatak Admin.

            I received the quilt yesterday. First things first - I LOVE THE QUILT. There are very few possessions I own that I would never part with under any conditions - this quilt is already 1 of them. 1. The craftsmanship is superb - better than the Specialist I have. As good as western mountaineering or Katabatic. 2. You are properly filling your shells - I feel the shells were underfilled during Tom's ownership. No need for overfill whatsoever. 3. the 2" differential cut is perfect ( I wondered if 4" would be better). This is the most comfortable quilt/bag I've ever experienced. 4. I love the color (I was not expecting to like it) - your photos online are very accurate representation. 5. You delivered in 4 weeks! 6. The drawstring in the middle of the neck baffle is SUPERB - supreme comfort. 7. Footbox is generously filled and baffled. 8. You delivered right on the weight I was expecting - exactly 1lb 10oz (I had to extrapolate from your published numbers) 9. You sent along stickers and a "Birth Certificate" for the quilt. 10. I love the 20 degree so much I may sell my specialist instead of modifying it and purchase a vector from you for summer nights. Ian

            • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

            32° Arc Alp w Vector foot

            Dearest Jan, My sleeping quilt has arrived earlier than expected. Oz customs must be improving. It looks perfect for what I need so will put it to the test over the next few weeks. It has shaved 520gms off my pack weight, a big bonus already. Thank you so much for your attention to this order, I really do appreciate it. Bestest wishes Lorraine

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              Arc Element Configuration Page

              Arc Element Configuration Page

              Simpler, minimally featured quilt for less money, capable of striking an excellent balance of weight and bulk against durability and lasting performance. From 30° down to 5°.

              Premium 850 fill power goose down in regular and Hyper-Dry.

              Product Options
              Temperature Rating
              The all time most popular choice is the versatile 20°F.
              30° is considered a 2 season rating, while 5° qualifies for light 4 season use.
              Overall Width
              Shell Fabric

              Please go to the Fabric Page for help choosing the shell material.

              Liner Fabric
              Down Type
              Choosing Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down will help combat the effects of perspiration, misting tents and damp air. Nunatak products made with Hyper-Dry down will have a slight increase in bulk over those made with regular down. In some instances they may contain an additional 5% of fill weight.
              Weather Resistant Foot Area Upgrade
              This substitutes the shell fabric on the lower third of the quilt with hard wearing weatherproof Epic material. Epic will also be applied across the top and down 3". Those are the two areas of most wear and exposure, thus greatly prolonging the life of the quilt.
              The upgrade adds about 1 ½ oz depending on size.
              Down Overfill