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Nunatak's top of the line quilt, with two choices for an ultralight waterproof/breathable shell and a host of custom options.

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From this page all temperature ratings, sizing options and accessories of the Arc Pro are configured. 

The Arc Pro utilizes shell fabrics with considerable weather/moisture protection. Certain extreme applications will more than justify the increased cost of this upgrade. Even facing less arduous conditions it is often prudent having this level of moisture protection for the precious down fill. Some scenarios  include the damp night time environment inside modern single wall UL shelters, or an affinity for sleeping under the stars.

Shell Fabric

Two shell fabric options exists, both with advanced waterproofing technologies, but otherwise with qualities that require an informed decision process to select.

0.74 oz/yard Robic Ripstop Nylon: Extraordinarily light, this 7D fabric is treated with a microporous PU coating on the inside and a solid DWR application on the weather side. The ability to hold out moisture is very good with a HH of 1000mm, but not quite on par with the DryDome below. Breathability rate is adequate for down products. For a fabric with a square yard weight of well under an ounce, the Robic is relatively durable, easily edging out the highly breathable Membrane shell offered in our UL quilts (and here on this page as a liner option).

1.4 oz/yard DryDome Ripstop Nylon: This could be regarded as a classic laminate, manufactured like other well known waterproof/breathables (WP/B): A base fabric with a Teflon style film layer laminated onto the inside face and a DWR on the outside. However, the unique quality of the DryDome, not seen in many other laminates, is the low square yard weight of 1.4 ounces, easily 25% less than the closest competitor. Choosing a 10D ripstop nylon base fabric, together with an upgraded WP/B film, makes this possible. It is decidedly a cutting edge high-tech material, but best not exposed to much abuse. This is the case with most super-ultralight fabrics, but here the lamination process further pre-stresses the fabric, So, user beware!

Temperature Choices

The Arc Pro is available from a 30°F summer style quilt all the way down to 5°, in steps geared to fit the most useful seasonal applications.


A six step measure of the inside useful length in 5" increments is replacing the subjective and sometimes confusing Small to X-Long moniker. Using this system you can choose how far up the quilt reaches when lying on your back. Reaching just the chin level is the absolute shortest anyone should go, and then only on quilts for the warmer seasons. Forehead is the best compromise of low weight - efficient coverage.  As always, it is prudent to size up if in doubt. If just a little too short one tends to compress the foot area insulation the the detriment of cold feet.

Furthermore the shoulder and foot area widths can be customized for individual needs and sizing. Typically a 2 season quilt can be built a little narrower than a winter oriented set-up. If you're new to using quilts for the backcountry, experiment at home with a blanket before committing to a sizing setup. 

Foot End Design

The Arc Pro quilts are offered in two foot box configurations, also in the menu below. The traditional Arc finish is a permanently closed 24"-28" long section with a round bottom piece sewn in place. In other words, a design familiar from high-end mummy bags.

The Vector foot end is a modular concept that allow the user to switch from closed to blanket style open foot area in a few simple steps. This option, while very adaptable to changing conditions, lack a little in thermal efficiency compared to the regular Arc. It also adds a small amount of weight, for those who count every gram. A page with a few pics detailing the foot box options is here.

Down Content

For the Arc Pro only Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down is offered. With a waterproof/breathable shell there's an increased risk of moisture condensing on the inside of the shell fabric during certain conditions. Having the added protection of treated down makes sense.

Go to the bottom of this page for the full Arc Pro Configuration Menu!

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Arc Pro Quilt Configuration Page

Arc Pro Quilt Configuration Page

Nunatak's top of the line quilt, with two choices for an ultralight waterproof/breathable shell and a host of custom options.

Product Options
Temperature Rating
The all time most popular choice is the versatile 20°F.
30° is considered a 2 season rating, while 5° qualifies for light 4 season use.
Inside Length
The useable length measured from inside the footbox to the top hem, without compromising the insulation loft. For example, if you're 6' tall and want the quilt to reach over your head, choose 73".
Shoulder Width
54" is a good standard for regular sized folks who doesn't toss around too much. For winter bags go one size up.
Foot End Style
The Arc is the well known enclosed footbox sewn with a rounded bottom piece.
The Vector gives you the option of opening up the quilt's foot area to a blanket style appearance. This comes with a slight compromise in thermal efficiency and about an ounce weight (30g) increase.
ARC. Permanently Enclosed Foot Box
VECTOR. Convertible - Blanket to Enclosed
Footbox Size, Arc & Vector Models
38" is the male size 10 shoe standard. Adjust accordingly.
Shell fabric
Two choices, both offering advanced weather protection: The 1.4 oz/yd is a laminate with qualities on par with other very well know waterproof/breathable fabrics.
The 0.74, at half the weight, offer a little less rigorous moisture protection with its micro porous PU coating.
Liner Fabric
Down Content
Down Overfill
Cold sleeper? Consider adding a few ounces of extra fluff.
Strap package
Straps snugs the quilt around you and/or the sleeping pad. Options are: None (really?), ultralight shock cord style controllers, or the fully featured standard ¾" strap package.
Gamut Climashield Over-quilt Compatability
This mod makes a future over-quilt application as effective as possible. It adds snap buttons in the places needed, plus stores a record of your product's finished measurements and attachment points.