Super UL Nano Blanket Pro

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The Nano Blanket upgraded with a weatherproof/breathable super light shell.

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Pay via Credit Card or Paypal Account

Custom item.4-6 weeks lead time.


From Blanket to Quilt

In it's basic rendition the 40° Nano Pro is a tapered rectangular backcountry comforter made with gossamer light fabrics and high fill power goose down.

It is as light and compact as is currently possible. All clutter has been removed. In this configuration there's no Velcro, no shockcords, no snaps. Only pure function remain: 0.66 ounce per square yard Membrane shell and liner. ¾" box baffled construction. 900 FP down. 

Stepping up in features from the comforter mode gradually evolve the Nano Blanket Pro towards full quilt mode, based around the original 40° rating. Shockcord channels can be added at the foot end or top end, or both. Using specially sourced 1/16" shockcord and minimalist cord locks each channel adds about 12 grams, depending on blanket width. 

The next step is further sealing of the foot end to the level of regular quilts. Either a Vector convertible footbox can be added, or the permanently closed ARC. Both of those options automatically adjust the overall length to ensure effective coverage.

The underbody straps many quilt owners use to control drafts complete the upgrades needed to turn the basic Nano Pro to a full Nunatak quilt. However, in a nod to SUL philosophies, these are merely comprised of 1/16" shockcord and tiny captive cordlocks. 


The Nano Blanket Pro is custom built with 8 lengths and 5 shoulder widths available in any combination. Add to this three foot end sizes. And, if these 120 sizes are not sufficient for you - just email us!!

Fabric Technology

The Nano Blanket Pro substitutes the regular shell material with a super light Robic based weatherproof fabric to one side of the fully reversible quilt.

Face this micro-porous, waterproof/breathable shell out towards the elements to ward off mist, spray and dew in an open bivy or brief recovery stop.

Face it in towards the body to achieve a mild Vapor Barrier effect. This will keep moisture from damp sweaty clothes from migrating into the down, and will also boost the temperature rating of the Nano by a few degrees. Adventure racers and endurance bike riders will appreciate this fast and simple method of quickly resting without compromising the insulation.

A second shell available is the 1.4 oz/yd 10d ripstop-PTFE laminate. This Gore-tex like material offers better moisture protection and enhanced breathability compared to the Robic above. An obvious win-win situation was it not for the increased weight and bulk associated with this. Read more here regarding fabric choices. 

The 0.66 Membrane liner fabric is optimally suited for an application like this. Few, if any, materials on the market today are as light as Membrane. Being a taffeta style fabric without the bulk and weight concentrated in a ripstop grid, the overall resistance to wear is very good for such a thin material. 

Down Type

For the Nano Blanket Pro only Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down is offered. With a waterproof/breathable shell there's an increased risk of moisture condensing on the inside of the shell fabric during certain conditions. Having the added protection of treated down makes sense.

Possible uses for Nano Blankets:

Boost-liner for old tired mummy bags.

Emergency or planned bivys.

Recovery/rest blanket for: Ultra running, FKT attempts, adventure racing.

Warm-up blanket for backcountry skiing and other winter activities.

Home or camping comforter.

Safety net for committing day hikes.

Summit day just-in-case bivy.

Backcountry trauma/shock control.

Hammock underquilt (with some user mods!)


Full fledged quilt with the appropriate options selected, such as bottom and top closures, and strap package.


The tables below outline the total weight of the bare bones Nano Blanket Pro in 0.74 Robic. Choosing the 1.4 oz/yd laminate shell will add 30%.

The optional features available in the configuration menu include an estimate of how much they increase the weight.

All the numbers are subject to change and include a 5% margin of error.

The silnylon stuff sack supplied is 11-16 grams.

Pictures below reflect a Nano Pro with optional foot end drawcord and ultralight cord lock quilt straps

Temperature Rating40°F / 5°C
Baffle height0.75"
Insulation Loft1"
Differentially cut liner/shellNo. Custom option only

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Super UL Nano Blanket Pro

Super UL Nano Blanket Pro

The Nano Blanket upgraded with a weatherproof/breathable super light shell.

Product Options
Temperature Rating
Overall Length
Length of blanket lying flat with any (optional) closures undone.
If choosing foot end closures add 5" to the length here to make up for the bunching and shortening that occurs when drawing the foot end closed.
Shoulder Width
The width across the blanket at the top and about 3' down, with any (optional) closures undone
Foot End Width
The width across the blanket at the foot end, with any (optional) closures undone
Top End Closure
A standard quilt style drawcord across the top hem is the option here, and adds 14 grams depending on size.
Elastic Drawcord in Channel, adds 12-14g
Foot End Closure
The three upgrade options transfer the Nano Blanket to more thermally efficient foot area.

Option 1 is a simple shockcord to gather up the end, and adds about 12 grams. This is the super minimalist way of getting a little more foot enclosure.

Option 2 is our hybrid open/ fully closed footbox, using Option One plus Velcro lengthwise on the bottom. Note: depending on width, this option increases the weight 40g to 80g.

Option 3 is the Arc style permanently closed foot end. Note: depending on foot end width this option adds 20g to 30g.
Elastic Drawcord in Channel, adds 10-14g
Drawcord/Velcro, Enabling a Fully Closed Footbox
Permanently Closed Arc style Footbox
Foot End Sleeve for Ground Pad
A 24" deep sleeve for inserting the foot end of a ground pad. This is a way of making a really narrow foot section more thermally efficient. Can also add utility without the use of a pad.

It can be combined with the foot drawcord option above for further control. NOT compatible with option 2 and 3 in the Foot End Closure field.

Adds under an ounce. The silnylon option is tougher, while the Membrane is the lightest.
No Thanks!
Silnylon Sleeve, adds 20-25g
Membrane Sleeve, adds 12-16g
Shell fabric
Two choices, both offering advanced weather protection: The 1.4 oz/yd is a laminate with qualities on par with other very well know waterproof/breathable fabrics.
The 0.74, at half the weight, offer a little less rigorous moisture protection with its micro porous PU coating.
Liner Fabric
Down Content
Down Overfill
Strap Package
This option adds 4 grams of non-removable hardware. The shock cords are an additional 6g
Gamut Climashield Over-quilt Compatability
This mod makes a future over-quilt application as effective as possible. It adds snap buttons in the places needed, plus stores a record of your product's finished measurements and attachment points.