Gamut Climashield APEX Quilt

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Synthetic filled quilt offered in 35°, 42°, 50° options. Use as an over-quilt on top of a down bag or as a mild weather stand alone quilt.

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The Gamut

3 temperature ratings based on pre-cut and stabilized Climashield APEX sheets: 35°, 42°, 50°. 

Two shell fabric catagories:

#1. Either Pertex Quantum 0.8 oz/yd or Membrane 0.66 oz/yd. These are fabrics with very effective vapor transfer and a soft, pleasant feel. Super light, breathable, fast drying. Orange, black, green, blue.

#2: Equally light is the techy waterproof/breathable Robic ripstop. At 0.74 oz/yd this weather resistant shell is an outstanding companion to the Apex insulation for really wet conditions, providing bivy-bag like performance with no weight penalty. Black, grey, light blue and olive.

Liner material is always black Membrane.


Shape: Basic backcountry quilt outline. Wide shoulder/hip region tapering to a narrower foot end. Fully open underside, with a strap system to seal out drafts. Draw-cord and snaps across top opening.

ARC foot. Permanently closed round style footbox; roomy, snug, thermally efficient and the lightest weight. Simple, foolproof. 

Quilt or quilt hybrid or a simple sack?

3 ways to customize the Gamut:

#1: Basic backcountry quilt as described above. Our most popular option.

#2: An added full length zipper to close the underside and sealing out any drafts.  

#3: A simple sack, fully enclosed with a top opening. No zipper, no straps - no clutter!

For best performance and comfort with option #2 and #3 choose the 64" width minimum. 

When to choose Synthetic Insulation

As a stand alone moisture resistant, down-shifting immune quilt the Gamut surprised us. It felt warm and cozy, and sound sleep was ensured knowing that damp tent walls, or heavy dew, did little to diminish the loft. Quite comforting, in fact. 

The secondary use of the Gamut is as a booster over-quilt on top of down mummies and quilts. This solution is equally effective and can save the substantial investment in a dedicated winter bag. With the continuous sheet style APEX insulation there's always a cover over bald spots from shifting down in the main bag. Again, dampness from external sources is typically only affecting the synthetic, while below the down remain protected. And condensing body moisture that settles in the steep temperature gradient of the outer layers are also away from the down. This quality is especially valuable in winter conditions.

Compatibility and Sizing

Nunatak down quilts and the Gamut are designed to join effectively with correct sizing for efficient coverage, and also minimizing the strap and snap clutter.

There's an option in the configuration menu of new down quilts to install the needed hardware for future Gamut over-quilt application. Backwards compatibility is possible by sending your old Nunatak quilt to us for the necessary mods when purchasing a Gamut. 

The Gamut will also fit over just about any existing quilt or mummy. It is however important to size it right. Call or email if in doubt.

The Gamut size run is highly customizable. Length, width and foot area are offered in many sizes and an untold number of combinations to fit all frames and applications.

Refills and zipper replacement!

Climashield APEX, being a synthetic insulation, will likely not last as long as a quality down fill. After extended use, involving several laundry cycles,  it could become 'flat' with significant loss of loft. If this happens, the Gamut design enables us to easily replace the fill at the Nunatak shop.

Built for the long haul!

A full zipper 42° Gamut sized as a cold weather over-bag. The shell is the waterproof/breathable Robic, a very capable ultralight fabric for damp conditions. This one is close to 25 oz total, being a massive 67" wide, with an oversized foot and a 2 ounce #5 zipper.

Same as the first pic, here turned upside down to show a 30° Arc UL down quilt inside. We design 6-8 easy to use attachment points, allowing a hassle-free integration between any Nunatak down quilt and the Gamut. Sized for a correct relationship, such a layered concept is the modern version of a deep-winter sleep system, with far more all season utility compared with one massive sub-zero quilt/mummy. 

The 42° Gamut is here over-quilting an Arc Alp 30°. The combined temperature rating is in the teens.

Nunatak down quilts snap to the Gamut, while still allowing the use of standard under-body straps. The openable foot box is designed with a domed cut that moves the cinch center under the feet when tightened.

A 42° Gamut, measuring 80" long, 57" wide with a 46" footbox is shown here in the supplied stuff sack. Total weight 575g.


Raise the bar

Got the 42° and am extremely pleased with it. 80x57x46 with Pertex shell weighs 21.1oz including the straps and stuff sack. The offset cinch cord is one of those no-brainer nice little details that you don't find anywhere else unless you ask for customization, and the tapered cut on the footbox that draws the cinch hole down under for no-draft performance is a simple but brilliant idea - and it works! Jan was happy to do a minor customization for me and the entire question/order/construction/shipping was outstanding. I knew Nunatak has always been known for high quality items and workmanship but I was honestly surprised when examining the quilt. It's just impeccable, impressively so. Even the stuff sack is two notches above the best. Thus far I can say that it's plenty warm at 50F but I haven't had the chance to see what it feels when it's a bit cooler...suspect it will be pretty true to rating. Perfect summer quilt, zero regrets.


    Great quilt!

    I ordered a 42°, 85" length, 57" width quilt back in November 2016 and couldn't be happier! I am able to pack it down very small in a compression sack and it weighs very little. I recently used this with a 40° bag on a backpacking trip where temps at night were about 30° and I was very comfortable. I look forward to warmer months when I can use just this quilt on my trips!! Great product, company answered all my questions when I called prior to the order, kept me informed as the item was being made, and I look forward to ordering more items in the very near future!!

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    Gamut Climashield APEX Quilt

    Gamut Climashield APEX Quilt

    Synthetic filled quilt offered in 35°, 42°, 50° options. Use as an over-quilt on top of a down bag or as a mild weather stand alone quilt.

    Product Options
    Temperature Rating
    These are conservative ratings for the Gamut used as a stand alone quilt.
    50°F / 10°C - 2.5 oz Climashield APEX
    42°F / 5°C - 3.6 oz Climashield APEX
    35°F / 2°C - 5.0 oz Climashield APEX
    Gamut Style
    3 style options for the Gamut: Quilt; quilt with full zipper; or a simple sack with only a top opening.
    Basic Backcountry Quilt
    Quilt with Full Zipper. Best if combined with a 64" or wider shoulder width.
    Simple Sack with Top Opening. Best if combined with a 64" or wider shoulder width.
    Inside Length, w closed footbox
    For over-quilt use please go up one size from your base quilt. If over-quilting a mummy bag use your height as a reference for choosing the right length.
    Overall Width
    For over-quilt use please go up one size from your base bag/quilt.
    Footbox Size/Width
    The 38" footbox is based on a standard male size 10 foot.
    For over-quilt use please go up one or more sizes from your base bag/quilt.
    Shell Material Options

    These are the Classic breathable ultralight shell options. 

    Please go to the Fabric Page for help choosing the shell material.

    Liner Fabric
    Strap package
    Straps snugs the quilt around you and/or the sleeping pad. Options are: None (really?), ultralight shock cord style controllers, or the fully featured standard ¾" strap package.