Dual Gamut Climashield APEX Couples Quilt

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Synthetic filled two person quilt offered in 35°, 42°, 50° options.

Use as an over-quilt on top of down bags or as a mild weather stand alone quilt.

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Basic features of the Dual Gamut synthetic quilt

3 temperature ratings based on pre-cut and stabilized Climashield APEX sheets: 35°, 42°, 50°. 

Ultralight fabrics: Shell of either Pertex Quantum 0.8 oz/yd or Membrane 0.66 oz/yd. Liner material always Membrane. These are fabrics with very effective vapor transfer and a soft, pleasant feel. 

The Gamut exhibits proven quilt design with critical improvements: Blanket style layout with a convertible footbox (flat/open or closed/snug), drawcord end closures and our draft stopping strap system optimized for two person use.

Form cut fit and long lasting built quality rounds off the features carried over from our line of premium down quilts.

We wanted to solve a couple of other issues. The convertible footbox needed to be able to close up in a thermally effective manner. The basic idea of a stuff-sack style drawcord opening, while appealingly simple and foolproof, had to be improved. We re-cut the shape of the foot end of the quilt in order to bring the closure down and under the feet. This is a design change well needed in openable footbox synthetic quilts, creating a very tight and snug feel. 

The drawcord channels at the top and bottom behave differently due to the un-quilted construction with no baffle stitching. On our down quilts these channels are moved in from the ends to create insulated areas at the head and foot interface. This method will not work on synthetic covers. The solution is an internal channel of precise circumference, but changing in size with the different insulation values available.

When to choose Synthetic Insulation

As a stand alone moisture resistant, down-shifting immune quilt the Dual Gamut surprised us. It felt warm and cozy, and sound sleep was ensured knowing that damp tent walls, or heavy dew, did little to diminish the loft. Quite comforting, in fact. 

The secondary use of the Gamut is as a booster over-quilt on top of down mummies and quilts. This solution is equally effective and can save the substantial investment in dedicated winter bags. With the continuous sheet style APEX insulation there's always a cover over bald spots from shifting down in the main bag. Again, dampness from external sources is typically only affecting the synthetic, while below the down remains protected. And condensing body moisture that settles in the steep temperature gradient of the outer layers are also away from the down. This quality is especially valuable in winter conditions.

Compatibility and Sizing

The Dual Gamut is designed to join effectively to our Arc line of down filled two person quilts, with correct sizing for efficient coverage, while minimizing the strap and snap clutter.

There's an option in the configuration menu of new down quilts to install the needed hardware for future Gamut over-quilt application. Backwards compatibility is possible by sending your old Nunatak Dual quilt to us for the necessary mods when purchasing a new Dual Gamut. 

The Dual Gamut size run is highly customizable. Length, width and foot area are offered in many sizes and an untold number of combinations to fit all frames and applications.

Special pad/quilt integration

A custom option featuring a zippered integration with Thermarest style pads can be specified. This includes a silnylon sleeve tailored for the pads and a separating zipper connecting to the APEX quilt. A vertical insulated foot flap and dual sided entry creates a roomy bed for either stand alone use in mild weather or a secure, draft proof over-quilt for deep winter use with mummy sleeping bags.

As a bonus the removable top piece can be used as a roomy single person fully zippered Apex sleeping bag, however not featuring any pad integration.

This option is selectable at the bottom of the configuration menu - but choosing it necessitates further exchange of info, and possible mailing in of your ground pads.

Refills and zipper replacement!

Climashield APEX, being a synthetic insulation, will likely not last as long as a quality down fill. After extended use, involving several laundry cycles,  it could become 'flat' with significant loss of loft. If this happens, the Gamut design enables us to easily replace the fill at the Nunatak shop.

The zipper converting the quilt from blanket to semi enclosed state is also adapted for non-intrusive simple replacement by anyone with a sewing machine in 30 minutes.  And should it start presenting issues in the middle of a trip, there's little lacing tabs along it, enabling full closure with any string or cord. This feature also allows for significant expansion of the girth for use as an over-quilt with really bulky winter bags.

Built for the long haul!

Temperature Rating35° - 42° - 50°
Inside length65" - 70" - 75" - 80" - 85"
Length, open blanket stylePlus 7" to above

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Dual Gamut Climashield APEX Couples Quilt

Dual Gamut Climashield APEX Couples Quilt

Synthetic filled two person quilt offered in 35°, 42°, 50° options.

Use as an over-quilt on top of down bags or as a mild weather stand alone quilt.

Product Options
Temperature Rating
These are conservative ratings for the Gamut used as a stand alone quilt.
42°F / 5°C - 3.6 oz Climashield APEX
35°F / 2°C - 5.0 oz Climashield APEX
Inside Length, w closed footbox
For over-quilt use please go up one size from your base quilt. If over-quilting a mummy bag use your height as a reference for choosing the right length.
Overall width

The standard 78" width works well as compromise between coverage and lowest weight/bulk.

For over-quilting with the Dual Gamut, go up several inches compared to the base quilt.

Footbox size/width

These numbers reflect the Dual Gamut foot end in open blanket mode.

The 57" width cinches up to approximately 20" wide, a reasonable minimum for two people.

Liner Fabric
10d Black Taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
Strap package
Straps snugs the quilt around you and/or the sleeping pad. Options are: None (really?), ultralight shock cord style controllers, or the fully featured standard ¾" strap package.
Custom Gamut with Zippered Ground Pad Integration
This is a major custom option, creating a fully integrated sleep system with sleeves for pre-existing pads and a zippered over -quilt.

Please consider the added cost a deposit, and contact us regarding the specific design details pertaining to your situation.