Sastrugi Custom Page - Multi week leadtime

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Zipperless bag. Simple, light and no nonsense.

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If you need this you will know.

High quality 900 fill applied in a generous quantity, cord at the top, light fabrics, no inward taper until hips. Pro tip: down can be shuffled from topside to underside, or vice versa.

Perfect inside a synthetic over-bag for gnar conditions. 

Concerned about getting in and out of a zipperless bag, and hot weather venting? Look elsewhere.

Sastrugi; snow eroded by wind into ridges. A skier's nightmare.


Update on previous review

I’ve had a few nights to test drive my Sastrugi lately, here’s my results- Two nights in the low twenties, under overhanging branches but no shelter; wearing a large hooded puffy and a warm hat. I slept just fine, plenty warm. No problem with drafts on the hoodless design. I’m generally a warm sleeper, but I’m pretty excited that a comfortable night in those conditions is possible with this bag. If i was ordering again, I’d do the overfill option; I didn’t notice it was so economical. Otherwise no changes.


Outstanding so far!

I’ve been out for a few nights in below freezing temps with it now- I’m a big fan of this concept and the build quality. I’m 5’10”, 185 lbs, and got a 70”x62” 28 degree in brilliant blue. It’s startling how light it felt when I took it out. At first glance I got worried I’d gone too wide, but after the first night I think it’s perfect. With a big puffy inside to boost it to winter temps there’s still room to move. I can pull my knees up and touch my feet- haven’t done that in years in a mummy bag. Awesome, can’t wait for more cozy nights.


Amazing bag for a giant

I am a pretty tall glass of milk at about 6’10” and Nunatak was amazing to work with and get me the bag I needed. I opted for the zipper less sastrugi and it is one of the nicest bags I’ve ever used. Keeps my warm when I cowboy camp up in the NC Appalachians. I can’t complain about anything, bag is flawless, the right size, and packs down small. Only thing that you could complain about is the price. But this is one piece of gear I wouldn’t penny pinch on. Made in USA, small cottage brand, yeah I expected to pay a little more but my options were few and far between anyways because I am a jolly green giant. No on ever says to themselves when they’re out on the trail “oh damn I wish I hadn’t bought this amazing piece of gear that accomplishes everything I need it to.”


The Perfect Bag - NO DRAFTS! pics of my Sastrugi.

I got a 28F sastrugi w/ overfill and have used it for ~6 nights without baselayers (male sleeper). The highest night was 48F which was almost too hot for this bag, but it worked okay with leaving the top open. You can also just drape the whole bag over you like a blanket or roll it down halfway on warmer nights. Lowest night was 36F which was really cozy.

I was concerned about the entrance/exit with the zipperless design, but it's not really a big deal, and it eliminates the draft, so I'm happy with it!

It would pair nicely with an apex/alpha quilt (or bivy) for a wide range of use.

Also of note - I'm 5'10 170lb male and got the 70"/62"/40" dimensions and it was roomy! Especially in the torso region, you can fit a huge parka in if you want!

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Sastrugi Custom Page - Multi week leadtime

Sastrugi Custom Page - Multi week leadtime


Zipperless bag. Simple, light and no nonsense.

Product Options
Temperature Rating
18°F - minus 8°C
28°F - minus 2°C
Inside Length
62" - Extra Small
66" - Small
70" - Medium
74" - Long
78" - Extra Long
Shoulder Width
56" inside circumference. Small frames, skinny people
59" inside circumference. Regular
62" inside circumference. Regular Plus
68" inside circumference. Very roomy.
Footbox Size Circumference
Shell Material

Moroccan Blue Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Grey Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Purple Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Forest Green Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Dark Olive Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Brilliant Blue Ripstop 15d - More durable, breathable
Black Ripstop 15d - More durable, breathable
Purple Ripstop 15d - More durable, breathable
Dark Olive 15d - More durable, breathable
Liner Material Options
Black 10d taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
Black 20d taffeta - Durable, soft and comfortable but about an ounce heavier!
Down Type

Allied Expedry is a moisture resistant goose down treated with a chemical free, safe compound. Expedry helps reduce drying times while minimizing performance issues in wet weather. The treatment is long lasting and effective.

Untreated 900fp goose down only available on request.

900 Fill Power Goose Down, Expedry, RDS Certified
Down Overfill

Adding overfill can prolong the life of the down, help maintain loft during moist conditions, boost the temperature rating by a small amount and keep the down volume from shifting. For most quilts/bags the overfill amount ranges from 45-65 grams of extra down

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Overfill evenly throughout
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Shoe Size 
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