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Stock size run listed on April 14 2024

3 season plus Skaha zip neck pullover - 1.25" box baffled loft

Featuring a full set of custom sizing and options including hood, pockets and other details 

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Stock size run listed on April 14 2024

Down quantity upgraded for 2023 to include overfill

The Skaha is an upper 'mid-weight', fully baffled box construction zip neck sweater. It does not have sewn-through seams.

The fill weight represents about 60% of the total, with 6.4 ounces of down in the size medium

It has 1.25" of loft with no cold breaks anywhere. 

The resulting warmth makes this jacket a legit choice for shoulder season/mild winter high mountain adventures. 

Static comfort temperature is 20°F with adequate layering and out of the wind. Push it into teens with experience.


The fit is roomy to accommodate layering, especially compared to the popular form fitting, narrowly quilted down jackets. 

At night the Skaha can boost the temperature rating of your ultralight quilt, thus saving on weight otherwise invested in redundant insulation.


We build the Skaha with simplicity as the overriding design parameter.

The standard front closure is a YKK #3 pullover style half zipper, backed by a draft tube. 

The options for pockets on the Skaha UL includes the hand warmer 'muff' style exterior pocket, and inside chest pockets. 

We make the Skaha both with or without a hood. The hoodie version features an integrated standard sized insulated hood. 

Hood and bottom hem are adjustable by shockcord.

The sleeve ends can be done in a number of different ways. See menu choices below.

Down Fill

The Skaha UL is insulated with 900 fill power goose down, RDS certified and responsibly sourced down from ethically committed harvesters.


10d Ripstop Nylon shell for lightest weight. upgraded 15d for extra durability. 


A fairly accurate depiction of the fill weight is in the main chart below. The totals are representative of the lightest fabrics and several key features: 10d shell and liner, integrated hood and front pocket, standard sleeve ends, no overfill, etc.


Roomy fit to protect loft and accommodate layering. Cut with a straight torso and large sleeves for ease of passing over head and shoulders.



I am 6’6” and it fits perfect. Very well made. I could not be happier. Based on the quality it is very worth its price.


My go-to.

I got this jacket about two years ago and it quickly replaced 2-3 other garments - this jacket is just lighter and warmer. I carry it with me on nearly every alpine trip I take in the PNW, including guiding on Mt Baker. I did opt for the extra fill. During the winter when I typically stay bellow 10k ft I've been happy with my warmth factor, and during the rest of the year I can't see carrying anything else for conditions here.

I absolutely love the pullover style - it is so fast to pull out of the pack and throw on. I got the dual inside pockets and use them to stash my snacks. Those pockets are large enough for me to store most if not all of the snacks I'll need to get to the summit. The kangaroo pocket is also amazing, if the temperature is cold I'll leave my mittens in there so if I need to layer up on the hands I can do so without ever getting my hands wind exposed.

The only problem with the setup is when I'm not guiding I'm significantly faster on breaks than my climbing buddies and I have to wait around for them to mess with their snacks and jackets!

The design on this highlights practical usage. I'd never have signed up for plain open selves but they're absolutely the right choice, I'm very grateful to the product description which encouraged me to go that way. I was probably already leaning towards pullovers prior to purchasing this, but two years after all my mid layers are now pullovers and for what I do in the PNW I'll forgo full zippers. Fantastic 'sweater', looks so similar to other things out here but is really ahead in terms of functionality.


Skaha UL Down Sweater with hand warmer pocket

This is a great piece. I say that even though both plastic rivets used for reinforcement at the top corners of the hand warmer pocket broke off within 15 days of use. It's warm, fits well, is super packable, and light. I was skeptical about the lack of elastic in the cuff, but was surprised to find I prefer not having it. Other sweaters in this weight range that I looked at had approximately half the loft and were often sewn thru, whereas this one is a fully box baffled work of art.

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Original Hoodless Skaha

I spoke to Jan and had my Skaha modified with 900 down plus and additional added down insulation. I also requested the Epic shell and a hand warmer pocket. I have worn the jacket every day for the last six months and it goes everywhere I go. I love this jacket and Jan was amazing to work with. His advice was invaluable and I greatly appreciate what I consider true customer service. I will be ordering more from this awesome company.


Alpinist & Skaha sweater

Thank you for both the down sweater and sleeping bag. I recently returned from 8 days in The Tasmanian Wilderness and was absolutely satisfied with both products. The other three on the trip were very jealous of my sweater. We all needed to carry light gear because there were no food or fuel drops. All the others left their down jackets behind because they were too heavy. Not mine. So light. So warm. I love it . Also very impressed with down quality in the sleeping bag. The first few nights were warm and with previous sleeping bags I would have been perspiring and sticky but I layed it over me with zipper open and it was perfect. The last four nights the weather turned with a cold front and I snuggled in fully zipped up. Perfect. I think your down quality must be really good because in the past I have always had to wrestle with too hot or too cold all through the night. I had the best sleeps thank you. I am ordering a down sweater for my husband so I will be asking questions over next 2 days about the order before you are out of contact. Thank you again.


Skaha UL

From an email we received:

After a lot of research, I decide that a Nunatak Skahah was the best UL down jacket I could find. I am tall and lanky (6’1’’ // 165lbs.) so I talked with Jan over the phone and we arrived at a couple of modifications in the fit (size medium body, size large sleeves, 1.5" added to the bottom hem). When I received the jacket the fit was excellent! I was also very impressed with the membrane .66 which seems to be very durable given its weight. I also really appreciate the fit of the collar/hood—it can seal up really tight for warmth, but still doesn’t feel constricting or restrictive.

I opted-in for hand-warmer pocket with my jacket, because in the past I have always liked having, well, a warm place for my hands. However, if I got this jacket again, I think that I would consider not get the hand-warmer pocket. I find the I don’t use it too much actually, and the added insulation makes the belly area of the jacket a bit bulky given how much loft the jacket already has. If anything maybe I would get two small non-insulated, pockets just to put small things in like a headlamp or whatnot.

Overall, I am very pleased with the service, materials and workmanship of this Nunatak jacket, and hope to invest in some more of their products in the future. Thank you Jan!


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My most recent Nunatak order was the Skaha down sweater with extra fill.
My experience with Nunatak is one of complete satisfaction.The quality and construction is excellent and the materials used are superb.
I recommend Nunatak without reservation.

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Arc Half Quilt & Skaha Hoodie

This review is from 09/20/2016

Thanks for such an awesome (and pretty) set-up! It served me well on the Lost Coast Trail this much so I slept with it when I got back home! I'll definitely be ordering from you guys again in the future.


Hoodie w Pocket

From an email we received on 08/16/2016:

Hi Jan, My down sweater arrived a couple of days ago, and I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I love it! The custom fit is excellent—just as I was envisioning and I really like the feel of the shell fabric. I’m also very appreciative of your attention to detail in the design and the quality of your workmanship. Can’t wait to get outside and use it soon. Thank you so much! A...



Review from 06/01/2016:

Got the Skaha and LOVE it! A seriously nice piece of gear and one I will be testing out after another 10 days of snowmelt. Bryant

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Skaha UL Down Sweater - CUSTOM PAGE

Skaha UL Down Sweater - CUSTOM PAGE

Stock size run listed on April 14 2024

3 season plus Skaha zip neck pullover - 1.25" box baffled loft

Featuring a full set of custom sizing and options including hood, pockets and other details 

Product Options
Tall Version
No Extra Length
Yes, add 2" to jacket length
Sleeve Length
No Extra Length
Add 2"
Integrated Hood and Collar Choices
Insulated & Integrated Hood
Regular Insulated Collar
Front Pocket
No Pocket
Add Kangaroo Pocket
Interior Zippered Chest Pocket
Both sides!
Sleeve End Finish
Plain Open Type Sleeve Finish
Shell Material

Moroccan Blue Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Grey Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Purple Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Forest Green Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Dark Olive Ripstop 10d - Lightest, most breathable
Brilliant Blue Ripstop 15d - More durable, breathable
Black Ripstop 15d - More durable, breathable
Purple Ripstop 15d - More durable, breathable
Dark Olive 15d - More durable, breathable
Multicam 40d - Durable, water repellent - Balances well with 20d liner
Liner Fabric
10d Black Taffeta - Lightest, most breathable
20d Black Taffeta - Durable
Down Type

Allied Expedry is a moisture resistant goose down treated with a chemical free, safe compound. Expedry helps reduce drying times while minimizing performance issues in wet weather. The treatment is long lasting and effective.

Untreated 900fp goose down only available on request.

900 Fill Power Goose Down, Expedry, RDS Certified
Stuff Sack
Yes, please include a stuff sack
No stuff sack