Skaha Down Sweater, Pro Version

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The 2-3 season Skaha zip neck pullover, featuring a full set of custom options including hood, pockets and fill quantities.

The Skaha Pro is our most weather resistant down sweater, with two distinct choices of waterproof/breathable shell materials and an option for Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down.

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This is the PRO version of the Skaha Down Sweater. It is also available as in UL and Classic

Go here for more about these Performance categories.

The Skaha is a 2-3 season, fully baffled box construction zip neck sweater optimally filled with our 900FP goose down.  For folks wishing to extend the use of the Skaha into colder seasons we offer 3 additional levels of down fill boost. Please see menu choices below. 


Use the Skaha as a stand alone 'almost' down jacket, or under a shell when the conditions are rough. With the right size chosen, the fit is roomy with the capacity of accepting the layering often needed in the backcountry, especially compared to the popular form fitting, quilted down jackets. 

At night the Skaha can serve double duty boosting the temperature rating of your ultralight quilt, thus saving on weight otherwise invested in redundant insulation. With the optional hood, this jacket is especially handy at this.


We build the Skaha with simplicity as the overriding design parameter. In its standard configuration it has no extras, zero bells and whistles, nothing to snag or break or get in the way of traveling light and fast. What you do get is maximum warmth for the given weight, and a clean looking, functional garment.

The standard front closure is a YKK #3 pullover style half zipper. Pro and cons outlined in the next paragraph. 

The options for pockets on the Skaha Pro includes the hand warmer 'muff' style exterior pocket. Not limited by a full length front zipper, this is one large pocket accessed from both sides. 

Also on the menu is the option to add interior zippered chest pockets.

We make the Skaha both with or without a hood. The Hoodie version features an integrated standard sized insulated hood, not readily helmet compatible. 

Hood and bottom hem are controlled by shockcord and toggle.

The sleeve ends can be done in a number of different ways. See menu choices below.

Half Zipper

Why the unusual pullover style half zipper design?


* Warmer. While probably marginal, it can't be discounted that more continuous insulation is more thermally efficient.

* Lighter. This is always good. A little here, a little there. The half zipper, as explained below, is less prone to failure - so a lighter gauge can used.

* Durable. Most zippers eventually fail. When it happens it is often in the area right where people struggle to reconnect the two halves. Wear, misalignment, hamfisting the delicate parts, they all contribute. And when it finally won't zip anymore, there's not much utility left in the garment. The Skaha half zipper doesn't separate, so the wear is minimal, thus longevity is boosted. And should it give in, the jacket is still very useful.

* Handling in wind. Cresting a pass in a stiff breeze, one wants to get the puffy on quick. A completely unzipped jacket is a struggle in these conditions. Not the Skaha. You will be toasty before your partner has even located the flapping ends of a unruly full front zipper.

* Thru pocket design. No zipper on the lower half gives us the freedom to design a tunnel thru muff-style pocket that is superior for hand warming and cozy camp time loitering.


* Bulky. Roomier cut is necessary to be able to put the thing on. To make it simple to slip on the fit cannot be body hugging. But it's debatable if you even want that in the backcountry.

That's it.

Do we do the Skaha with a full zipper on a custom basis? Yes, but reluctantly. Many little details have to be redesigned for it to work and that's expensive. If you want the full zip, but in a lighter Skaha style package, please consider using our Kobuk Parka or Hoodie as the basis for such a project. Contact us!

Down Fill

The Skaha Classic is insulated with 900 fill power white goose down, available in regular untreated or moisture resistant Hyper-Dry down. We recommend selecting the latter for garments, at the expense of a little extra bulk. Both options are RDS certified and responsibly sourced down from ethically committed harvesters.

Shell Fabric

The Pro Skaha configuration is available with a choice of two shell fabrics, both with advanced waterproofing technologies, but otherwise with qualities that require an informed decision process to select.

0.74 oz/yard Robic Ripstop Nylon: Extraordinarily light, this 7D fabric is treated with a microporous PU coating on the inside and a solid DWR application on the weather side. The ability to hold out moisture is very good with a HH of 1000mm, but not quite on par with the DryDome below. Breathability rate is adequate for down products. For a fabric with a square yard weight of well under an ounce, the Robic is relatively durable, easily edging out the highly breathable Membrane shell offered in our UL quilts (and here on this page as a liner option).

Choose the 0.74 Robic if the lightest weight and bulk with a moderately good weather proofing is the goal. This combination is only a few grams heavier than the Skaha UL!

1.4 oz/yard DryDome Ripstop Nylon: This could be regarded as a classic laminate, manufactured like other well known waterproof/breathables (WP/B), such as Gore-Tex: A base fabric with a Teflon style film layer laminated to the inside face and a DWR coating on the outside. However, the unique quality of the DryDome, not seen in many other laminates, is the low square yard weight of 1.4 ounces, easily 25% less than the closest competitor. Choosing a really light 10D ripstop nylon base fabric, together with an upgraded WP/B film, makes this possible. It is decidedly a cutting edge high-tech material, but best not exposed to much abuse. This is the case with most super-ultralight fabrics, but here the lamination process further pre-stresses the fabric, So, user beware!

The 1.4 DryDome is our most weather resistant fabric offered. You will know if you're one to need this sort of protection in a down garment!

Down Content

For the Arc Pro only Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down is offered. With a waterproof/breathable shell there's an increased risk of moisture condensing on the inside of the shell fabric during certain conditions. Having the added protection of treated down makes sense.


A fairly accurate depiction of the fill weight is in the main chart below. The total weights are representative of the options available for this product: All shell types in combination with the standard taffeta liner, integrated hood and front pocket, standard sleeve ends, no overfill, etc.


The chart below outlines the many options for sizing the Skaha Classic. Since these are built to order we saw no reason to limit the choices. 8 general sizes can be combined with custom 4 each sleeve and back lengths. Have at it!

Pictures below are of the Classic version of the Skaha.

Temperature Rating2 Season
Baffle height0.75 inches
Insulation Loft1"
Fill Weight, size Medium5.6 oz
Total Weight, 0.74 oz/sq. yd shell, size Medium, incl. Hood and Pocket10.6 oz
Total Weight, 1.4 oz/sq. yd shell, size Medium, incl. Hood and Pocket13 oz
ZipperPullover style half-zip, YKK # 3 Coil. 12" sizes XS and S, 14" size M, 16" sizes L and XL
Waist hem finishShockcord and toggle, or Lycra stretch banding.
Sleeve end finish (cuff)Overfilled last baffle creates minimal seal
Exterior PocketsOptional handwarmer tunnel 'muff'
Interior PocketsOptional zippered chest pockets

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Skaha Down Sweater, Pro Version

Skaha Down Sweater, Pro Version

The 2-3 season Skaha zip neck pullover, featuring a full set of custom options including hood, pockets and fill quantities.

The Skaha Pro is our most weather resistant down sweater, with two distinct choices of waterproof/breathable shell materials and an option for Hyper-Dry moisture resistant down.

Product Options
Back Length
Adds a number of inches to the back length of the selected general size.
Sleeve Length
For folks with long arms, or skinny torsos.
Shell fabric
Two choices, both offering advanced weather protection: The 10d is a laminate with qualities on par with other very well know waterproof/breathable fabrics.
The 7d, at half the weight, offer a little less rigorous moisture protection with its micro porous PU coating.
Liner Fabric
Integrated Down filled Hood
Sewn on, with a baffled transition, this relatively snug hood adds less than an ounce and lots of warmth.
Front Pocket
This option adds a double sided entry hand warmer 'muff' centered below the pullover zipper. Omit for a 25 gram weight saving.
Down Fill Amount
Adding down will boost the temperature rating. Size XS should not get more than 1 ounce of overfill. Small to Large can handle 2. The XL sizes are good for up to 3 ounces.
Down Content
Interior Zippered Chest Pocket
With a vertical opening hidden behind the main front zipper, these pockets are protected yet easily accessed.
If choosing just one consider a left side pocket for right-handers and vice-versa.
Each pocket adds 8 grams in size large.
Sleeve End Finish
Waist and Hood Closure Options