Skaha APEX Ultralight Climashield Vest

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The Skaha pullover style vestt with synthetic insulation and ultralight materials.

Extensive sizing and feature set available.

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This is the synthetic filled version of the Skaha Vest. It is also available with goose down.

The Skaha APEX is a 2-3 season UL technical vest with optional hood, excelling during adverse weather conditions, or in any circumstance where moisture can infiltrate the insulation. The synthetic fill does not lose all of its power when damp, and will dry and recover more quickly than down.

These qualities do result in a bit more bulk and overall weight.


The Skaha APEX can be worn more effectively during physical exertion, compared to its down counterpart, since perspiration barely affects the fill.

But, as most of us know, these puffies are essential for cold weather recovery breaks, quickly thrown on on top of whatever happens to be worn at the moment. Again, with the moisture resistant synthetic fill, potential wet and sweaty clothes affect the loft very little.

Long hours in a cold weather camp are almost unthinkable without effective wearable insulation. Again, enter the Skaha!

And then at night the Skaha APEX can serve double duty boosting the temperature rating of your ultralight quilt, thus saving on weight otherwise invested in redundant insulation. With the optional hood, this vest is especially handy in this way.


We build the Skaha with simplicity as the overriding design parameter. In its standard configuration it has no extras, zero bells and whistles, nothing to snag or break or get in the way of traveling light and fast. What you do get is maximum warmth for the given weight, and a clean looking, functional garment.

The standard front closure is a YKK #3 pullover style half zipper. The half zipper, without the complexity of a separating mechanism, has proven to be very long lasting, even in the tiny #3 size. 

Pockets on the Skaha APEX include the hand warmer 'muff' style exterior pocket. Not limited by a full length front zipper, this is one large pocket accessed from both sides. 

Also on the menu is the option to add interior zippered chest pockets.

We make the Skaha with two choices of collars or a hood, all insulated. Standard is a regular 2.5" tall collar. The nearly 5" tall Super Collar is a cozy in-betweener that saves a little weight and bulk over a full hood, but still insulates areas a wool beanie won't reach effectively.

The Hoodie version features an integrated standard sized insulated hood, however, not readily helmet compatible. 

Hood and bottom hem are controlled by shockcord and toggle.

Synthetic Fill

APEX by Climashield, a superior continuous filament synthetic insulation, is the choice here.

We have 3 weights available, from light (less warm) to heaviest (warm, but bulky). It's hard to attach a temperature rating to each, however we feel the most efficient balance of weight and warmth for 2-3 season mountain use in the continental US (and the Alps) is the 2.5 oz/yd. Folks who easily get cold might disagree, and for you we have 3.6 and even 5.0.

The APEX specs:

2.5 oz/yd Climashield APEX - 85 g/m - light, compact, 2-3 season
3.6 oz/yd Climashield APEX  - 122 g/m - in betweener, solid 3 season
5.0 oz/yd Climashield APEX - 170 g/m - bulky, light 4 season use


The Skaha APEX can be configured with 3 different shell choices, each in a limited number of colors. These are ultralight fabrics for folks who want the lightest, but realize that abrasion and tear resistance is minimal.

At this point we can offer more durable fabrics on a special order basis only. These include Epic and multi-cam. Please email or call.

*Membrane. Our 10D taffeta. Smooth, comfortable and about the lightest material possible for practical shell use, at 0.66 oz/yd. Very breathable with minimal moisture repellency. Also the standard inside liner. Black, Moroccan blue

*Pertex Quantum, 0.8 oz/yd version. This is a ripstop weave with a little more tear strength compared to Membrane, yet about the same effective breathability. Some resistance to mist via a factory DWR coating (Durable Water Repellant), although these applications are of variable life span. Black, sage green, mountain safety orange.

*Robic Ripstop. A special material based on an ultralight, yet relatively durable 7D base fabric with a breathable micro porous coating. Altogether the total weight ends at a respectable 0.74 oz/yd. The Robic is useful at shedding water with a HH (hydrostatic head) of 1000mm, while providing enough vapor transfer for mild activities (good breathability). Dark grey.


The chart below outlines the many options for sizing the Skaha APEX Vest.

The cut is generally aimed at providing a roomy fit, easily accommodating layering and backcountry utility. Compared to the APEX Jacket, the recommended chest size will make the vest fit a little snugger.


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Skaha APEX Ultralight Climashield Vest

Skaha APEX Ultralight Climashield Vest

The Skaha pullover style vestt with synthetic insulation and ultralight materials.

Extensive sizing and feature set available.

Product Options
Back Length
Adds a number of inches to the back length of the selected general size.
Climashield APEX Level
3 levels of insulation. The lightest in weight offers the least warmth, etc.
Also shown are options for going lighter in sleeves and hood, while retaining the core warmth.
Shell Fabric

Please see our Fabric Page for help choosing the right shell material

Liner Fabric
Membrane for ultralight priority, or bright orange Pertex Quantum for safety visibility when inside out.
Integrated Hood and Collar Choices
Choose how to finish out the head opening. Getting an integrated hood eliminates all collars.
Front Pocket
This option adds a double sided entry hand warmer 'muff' centered below the pullover zipper. Adds 25 grams for a size large.
Interior Zippered Chest Pocket
With a vertical opening hidden behind the main front zipper, these pockets are protected yet easily accessed.
If choosing just one consider a left side pocket for right-handers and vice-versa.
Each pocket adds 8 grams in size large.